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From:Michael Shigorin Date:January 27 2003 10:08pm
Subject:Fwd: Re: compille Mysql
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the perl hang issue seems to be hinted on by our perl maintainer:

<snips/translates follow>

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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 00:56:37 +0300
From: Alexey Tourbin <at@stripped>
To: Michael Shigorin <mike@stripped>
Subject: Re: compille Mysql
Cc: Serge V Kompan <skompan@stripped>, mysql@stripped

On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 10:29:22PM +0200, Michael Shigorin wrote:
> testcase mailed privately, seems to hold

$ head Support/

# Generate a mirror listing

while (<>) { last if /START_OF_MIRROR_LISTING/;};

print "MySQL mirror listing\n";

while (<>)
$ fgrep MIRROR_LISTING manual.texi
$ man perlop | fgrep -C5 'The <> symbol'

           while (<>) {
               # ...           # code for each line

       The <> symbol will return "undef" for end-of-file only once.  If you
       call it again after this, it will assume you are processing another
       @ARGV list, and if you haven't set @ARGV, will read input from STDIN.

       If what the angle brackets contain is a simple scalar variable (e.g.,
       <$foo>), then that variable contains the name of the filehandle to

IOW the script is working properly if the file really has
behaviour is correct.

btw, Michael Shigorin sent me completely different files from
those ones which broke Serge V Kompan's build. :)

WBR, Alexey Tourbin
BIOZAK Ltd., Russia

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Seems like another doc/ cleanup should be done?

 ---- WBR, Michael Shigorin <mike@stripped>
  ------ Linux.Kiev

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