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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 7 2003 10:22pm
Subject:MySQL 4.0.8 is released
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MySQL 4.0.8, a new version of the world's most popular Open Source Database,
has been released. It is now available in source and binary form for a number
of platforms from our download pages at and
mirror sites.

Note that all mirrors may not be up to date;  If you can't find this
version on some mirror, please retry later or try another mirror.

This is a new gamma release, fixing some recently discovered bugs.
If this release doesn't have any major problems, we will release 4.0.9
as a stable release.

From the ChangeLog:

Functionality added or changed:
   * Default `max_packet_length' for libmysqld.c is now 1024*1024*1024.

   * One can now specify `max_allowed_packet' in a file ready by
     `mysql_options(MYSQL_READ_DEFAULT_FILE)'.  for clients.

   * When sending a too big packet to the server with the not compressed
     protocol, the client now gets an error message instead of a lost

   * We now send big queries/result rows in bigger hunks, which should
     give a small speed improvement.

   * Fixed some bugs with the compressed protocol for rows > 16M.

Bugs fixed:
   * Fixed bug in `ALTER TABLE' with BDB tables.

   * Fixed core dump bug in `QUOTE()' function.

   * Fixed a bug in handling communication packets bigger than 16M.
     Unfortunately this required a protocol change; If you upgrade the
     server to 4.0.8 and above and have clients that uses packets >=
     255*255*255 bytes (=16581375) you must also upgrade your clients
     to at least 4.0.8.  If you don't upgrade, the clients will hang
     when sending a big packet.

   * Fixed bug when sending blobs longer than 16M to client.

   * Fixed bug in `GROUP BY' when used on BLOB column with `NULL'

   * Fixed a bug in handling `NULL's in `CASE' ... WHEN ...

InnoDB changes:

   * InnoDB now supports also FOREIGN KEY (...) REFERENCES ...(...)

   * Tables and indexes now reserve 4 % less space in the tablespace.
     Also existing tables reserve less space. By upgrading to 4.0.8 you
     will see more free space in "InnoDB free" in SHOW TABLE STATUS.

   * Fixed bugs: updating the PRIMARY KEY of a row would generate a
     foreign key error on all FOREIGN KEYs which referenced secondary
     keys of the row to be updated. Also, if a referencing FOREIGN KEY
     constraint only referenced the first columns in an index, and
     there were more columns in that index, updating the additional
     columns generated a foreign key error.

   * Fixed a bug: if an index contains some column twice, and that
     column is updated, the table will become corrupt. From now on
     InnoDB prevents creation of such indexes.

   * Fixed a bug: removed superfluous error 149 and 150 printouts from
     the .err log when a locking SELECT caused a deadlock or a lock
     wait timeout.


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