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From:Egor Egorov Date:December 19 2002 11:15am
Subject:Autoconf 2.53 breakes some rules
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   Up to Autoconf 2.13, the replacement of functions was triggered via
the variable `LIBOBJS'.  Since Autoconf 2.50, the macro `AC_LIBOBJ'
should be used instead (*note Generic Functions::).  Starting at
Autoconf 2.53, the use of `LIBOBJS' is an error.

I can't build MySQL with that version. Probably, this should be fixed. 

// Egor Egorov,

Autoconf 2.53 breakes some rulesEgor Egorov19 Dec
  • Re: [packagers] Autoconf 2.53 breakes some rulesLenz Grimmer19 Dec