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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:August 31 2004 10:41am
Subject:MySQL 4.1.4 has been released
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MySQL 4.1.4, a new version of the popular Open Source/Free Software
Database Management System, has been released. It is now available in
source and binary form for a number of platforms from our download pages
at and mirror sites.

Note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in time -
if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or
choose another download site.

This is a new gamma development release, adding new features and fixing
recently discovered bugs.

Please refer to our bug database at for more
details about the individual bugs fixed in this version.

News from the ChangeLog:

Functionality added or changed:

     * Made internal representation of TIMESTAMP values in InnoDB in 4.1
       to be the same as in 4.0. This difference resulted in wrong
       datetime values in TIMESTAMP columns in InnoDB tables after
       upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1. (Bug #4492) Warning: extra steps during
       upgrade required! Unfortunately this means that if you are
       upgrading from 4.1.x, where x <= 3, to 4.1.4 you should use
       mysqldump for saving and then restoring your InnoDB tables with
       TIMESTAMP columns.
     * The mysqld-opt Windows server was renamed to mysqld. This
       completes the Windows server renaming begun in MySQL 4.1.2. See
       section "Selecting a Windows Server" in the manual.
     * Added Latin language collations for the ucs2 and utf8 Unicode
       character sets. These are called ucs2_roman_ci and utf8_roman_ci.
     * Corrected the name of the Mac OS X StartupItem script (it must
       match the name of the subdirectory, which was renamed to MySQLCOM
       in MySQL 4.1.2). Thanks to Bryan McCormack for reporting this.
     * Added --start-datetime, --stop-datetime, --start-position, and
       --stop-position options to mysqlbinlog. These make point-in-time
       recovery easier.
     * Killing CHECK TABLE no longer results in the table being marked as
       "corrupted"; the table status remains the same as it was before
       CHECK TABLE started. See section "KILL Syntax" in the manual.
     * Made the MySQL server ignore SIGHUP and SIGQUIT on Mac OS X 10.3.
       This is needed because under this OS, the MySQL server receives
       lots of these signals (reported as Bug #2030).

   Bugs fixed:

     * Fixed a bug that caused libmysql to crash when attempting to fetch
       a value of MEDIUMINT column. (Bug #5126)
     * Fixed a bug that caused the MySQL server to crash when attempting
       to execute a prepared statement with SELECT ... INTO @var for a
       second time. (Bug #5034)
     * Fixed execution of optimized IN subqueries that use compound
       indexes. (Bug #4435)
     * Prohibited resolving of table fields in inner queries if fields do
       not take part in grouping for queries with grouping (inside
       aggregate function arguments, all table fields are still allowed).
       (Bug #4814)
     * Fixed a crash after SLAVE STOP if the IO thread was in a special
       state. (Bug #4629)
     * Fixed an old bug in concurrent accesses to MERGE tables (even one
       MERGE table and MyISAM tables), that could have resulted in a
       crash or hang of the server. (Bug #2408)
     * Fixed a bug that caused server crash on attempt to execute for a
       second time a prepared statement with NOT in WHERE or ON clauses.
       (Bug #4912)
     * MATCH ... AGAINST now works in a subquery. (Bug #4769)
     * Fixed a bug that omitted the `.err' extension of the error log
       file (--log-error) when the hostname contained a domain name. The
       domain name is now replaced by the extension. (BUG #4997)
     * Fixed a crash in myisamchk. (Bug #4901)
     * Fixed a bug which caused server crash if one used the CONVERT_TZ()
       function with time zone described in database as parameter and
       this time zone was not used before. (Bug #4508)
     * Support for %T, %r, %V, %v and %X, %x format specifiers was added
       to STR_TO_DATE() function. (Bug #4756)
     * Fixed a bug (hang) in NATURAL JOIN where joined table had no
       common column. (Bug #4807)
     * Fixed a crash caused by UNHEX(NULL). (Bug #4441)
     * mysql_fix_privilege_tables didn't correctly handle the argument of
       its --password=# option. (Bug #4240, Bug #4543)
     * Fixed that mysqlbinlog --read-from-remote-server sometimes
       couldn't accept 2 binary logs on command line. (Bug #4507)
     * Fixed that mysqlbinlog --position --read-from-remote-server had
       wrong # at lines. (Bug #4506)
     * If CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE t SELECT failed while loading the data,
       the temporary table was not dropped. (Bug #4551)
     * Fixed that when a multiple-table DROP TABLE failed to drop a table
       on master, the error code was not written to the binary log. (Bug
     * When the slave SQL thread was replicating a LOAD DATA INFILE it
       didn't show it in the output of SHOW PROCESSLIST. (Bug #4326)
     * Fixed an assertion failure when reading the grant tables (Bug
     * Fixed that CREATE TABLE ... TYPE=HEAP ... AS SELECT... caused
       replication slave to stop. (Bug #4971)
     * Fixed that mysql_options(...,MYSQL_OPT_LOCAL_INFILE,...) failed to
       disable LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE. (Bug #5038)
     * Fixed that disable-local-infile option had no effect if client
       read it from a configuration file using
       mysql_options(...,MYSQL_READ_DEFAULT,...). (Bug #5073)
     * Fixed that SET GLOBAL SYNC_BINLOG did not work on some platforms
       (Mac OS X). (Bug #5064)
     * Fixed that mysql-test-run failed on the rpl_trunc_binlog test if
       running test from the installed (the target of 'make install')
       directory. (Bug #5050)
     * Fixed that mysql-test-run failed on the grant_cache test when run
       as Unix user 'root'. (Bug #4678)
     * Fixed an unlikely deadlock which could happen when using KILL.
       (Bug #4810)
     * Fixed a crash when one connection got KILLed while it was doing
       START SLAVE. (Bug #4827)
     * Made FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK block COMMIT if server is running
       with binary logging; this ensures that the binary log position is
       trustable when doing a full backup of tables and the binary log.
       (Bug #4953)
     * Fixed that the counter of an auto_increment column was not reset
       by TRUNCATE TABLE if the table was a temporary table. (Bug #5033)

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