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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:August 2 2004 11:09am
Subject:Re: Proposal for the mysqld_safe errorlog problem
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Hi Christian,

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Christian Hammers wrote:

> Currently mysqld_safe pipes error messages from mysqld to stdout/stderr
> which are piped to /var/log/mysql.err (or whereever) and then.. well..
> either not rotated at all or rotated away since there is no possiblity
> to do a "flush logs" for this error log.

True. This is indeed not very practical. It simply has been like that for 
historical reasons :)

But having an alternative would surely be useful.

> My Debian packages have solved this problem by replacing the mysql error log
> with a pipe to /usr/bin/logger which pipes it to the syslog. This has the
> following advantages:
> - logs don't fill up
> - error logs are actually seen by the admins (who checks mysql.err...)
> - packages can provide default logcheck rules

Sounds interesting!

> If you want to adopt this feature, check out mysql-server*4.0.20-7*deb
> when it will be on the ftp server in a few days.

Would you mind sending in a patch (e.g. via, so we could 
take a look? Maybe there is a way to include your changes in a way that it 
still works "the old way" on systems that do not ship with logger...

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