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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:December 8 2003 12:02pm
Subject:RE: MySQL 4.1.1 has been released
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On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Boehn, Gunnar von wrote:

> > Yes, we plan to offer Linux/PPC binaries in the near future - we're
> > currently working on purchasing a system for that.
> If you have some harddisk space left, then you can install Linux on one
> of your MACs.

I know, but this is not really an option for such a virtual company as 
ours - I have never physically worked on any of my build hosts as they are 
located in Sweden, while I work from Germany. So I am a bit hesitant to 
have to rely on remote reboots. In addition to that it would complicate 
our build process, as we currently build all binaries on all platforms in 

> > I have not decided which Linux Distribution to use,
> > though - maybe Yellowdog?
> My recommendation would be, as always, Debian. :-)
> But thats a metter of taste.
> You can install nearly every distro on PPC.
> Good examples are: YellowDog, Mandrake, Red Hat, Suse, Gentoo, Debian

OK, thanks for the info!

> > Unfortunately my favourite Linux distribution (SuSE)
> > does not support the PPC platform anymore :(
> SUSE has very good PPC support.
> IBM even recommands SUSE and RedHat together with their big POWER-machines.
> For PPC you need to use the SUSE Server version.

Which unfortunately is only available when you pay big bucks for it. I 
have to check, if there are other ways :)

> I have tried Yellow Dog on one of my MACs.
> = the install was a piece of cake.

OK, good to know.

> On my Pegasos ( ) I'm very happy with Debian.
> The Pegasos is a really nice, geeky machine.
> With a Pegasos you could release binaries for MorphOS as well. :-)

Thanks, will look into that as well!

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