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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:August 6 2003 11:29am
Subject:Re: MySQL 4.x RPM with gcc 3.x
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On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Bernhard Graf wrote:

> > How exactly do they fail to compile? What's the error message?
> Look at the end of my previous Email. This is the end of a
> `rpm --rebuild MySQL-4.0.14-0.src.rpm'.

These errors (undefined references) should go away, when you use

> > Can you please elaborate on "more mature" a bit? In which way do they
> > differ?
> SuSE uses only lowercase letters. They call the server package mysql
> instead of MySQL-server. Maybe this is not really a problem, because you
> have the Provides-statements in the SPEC file, but with using the SuSE
> SPEC file I tried to avoid possible problems from the beginning.

OK, I see. Yes, I am aware of these differences, hence I added the
mentioned "Provides/Obsoletes" Tags.

> But I didn't want to raise a discussion which RPM is better, more
> comapatible etc... The problem is the official MySQL-SRPM that doesn't
> build under (my) SuSE8.2 setups.
> Now the soution in three words:
> Compile as root.
> I have absolutely no idea why. Maybe it's the environment...?

That might be, but it's very strange. You should not need root permissions
to recompile the RPM, but using CXX=gcc is an essential requirement when
using RAID and gcc-3.x. But it could of course be a subtle difference
between the SuSE spec file and our spec file...

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