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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:June 30 2003 6:45am
Subject:Re: RFC: mysqld in libexecdir vs. sbindir?
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On Sat, 28 Jun 2003, Andrea Suatoni wrote:

> > So the question is, if we should change that for MySQL 4.1? The patch
> > is rather simple, but I'm not so sure about the consequences for you
> > packagers.
> On IRIX, the usual place for the daemons installed by the freeware
> packages provided by SGI is /usr/freeware/sbin (read it like
> /usr/local/sbin, but the SGI guys want to have their own dir tree and
> not mess with the packages built directly by the users).

OK, so that would be another vote for $prefix/sbin. Thanks.

> In /usr/freeware/libexec, the only stuff installed are pieces of
> OpenSSH.

Yes, libexec seems to be deserted on quite many OSes.

> So, in short, I'd like to still use <prefix>/sbin. Nevertheless, if you
> go for libexec, I can accept to either change the installation layout,
> or preserve the sbin usage by patching the original source release (we
> do it already, since there are some other small differences in the way
> SGI freeware is packaged).

Well, currently you have to use "--libexecdir='/usr/freeware/sbin'", I
assume. If we are going to modify it, this would not be needed anymore.

> BTW, I have some small fixes to MySQL 4.0.13 that I have applied while
> packaging it for IRIX. Where am I supposed to send them?

Please send them to me directly - I will take a look at them. Thanks in

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