Threads for Jun 2007

Rev 135: Got the rest of ndbj.InsertRetryTest ported. Not sure how useful it is without something in the test to actually cause a TemporaryError. Any ...messageMonty Taylor30 Jun
Rev 132: Fixed mapping problem with NDB/J ExecType enum to NdbApi ExecType enum in Taylor29 Jun
Rev 131: NdbDictionary.alterTable is internal. Removed it from swig. in Taylor28 Jun
Rev 130: Commented out NdbOperation.setPartitionHash since it's not in -telco. Will ifdef around the problem later, I guess. in http://bazaar.launchp...messageMonty Taylor28 Jun
Rev 129: Quick fix for Makefile in Python dir. in Taylor28 Jun
Rev 128: Removed ndbj testsuite from normal build. in Taylor27 Jun
Rev 127: Removed useless imports. in Taylor25 Jun
Rev 126: Added initial support to ndb/j wrapper for NdbEventOperation. in Taylor25 Jun
Rev 125: Added preliminary underlying support for NdbEventOperation. in Taylor25 Jun
could we not use such a long package name for perl?messagesMika Raento, Monty Taylor6 Jun