Threads for May 2007

not on windowsmessageMonty Taylor25 May
NdbRecordmessagesJim Dowling, Monty Taylor, Stewart Smith23 May
ndb/j followupmessageMonty Taylor21 May
Rev 118: NDB/J Examples and Unit Tests Compile in Taylor21 May
Rev 117: NDB/J Integration Builds in Taylor20 May
Rev 118: Added reference counting to createNdb. in Taylor8 May
Rev 117: Added reference counting to async transactions for Perl. in Taylor8 May
Rev 116: Added MYSQL_INCLUDES to CFLAGS in Perl. in Taylor8 May
lifetime of Ndb and Ndb_cluster_connection objectsmessagesMika Raento, Monty Taylor8 May
[Fwd: Re: [Swig-user] C++ wrapping question]10 messagesMika Raento, Monty Taylor8 May
Rev 116: Added initial python unittests. in Taylor8 May
Big mergemessageMonty Taylor7 May
Rev 115: Renamed getNdb to createNdb to match NDB/J. in Taylor7 May
Rev 113: Fixed C# test programs to use createNdb instead of new Ndb() in Taylor7 May
Rev 112: Fixed Perl test programs to use createNdb instead of getNdb. in Taylor7 May
Rev 111: Fixed Python tests to use createNdb instead of getNdb in Taylor7 May
Rev 110: Fixed ruby test programs to use new create_ndb instead of get_ndb. in Taylor7 May
Rev 109: Fixed set_datetime multimethod dispatch problem by adding a typecheck typemap. (Thanks to Gonzalo Garramuño from the swig-user list) in ht...messageMonty Taylor7 May
Rev 108: Added datetime and string/length typemaps to ruby. in Taylor6 May
Rev 107: Support in Java for char*/size_t input typemap and timestamp truncation. in Taylor6 May
Rev 105: Fixed up async test script for perl. in Taylor5 May
Rev 104: Added Java test code for director-based callbacks. in Taylor5 May
Rev 103: Moved director-based callback code to globals to share amongst all languages. in Taylor5 May
Rev 102: Made use threads. in Taylor5 May
Rev 101: Cleaned up the java exception specifications. in Taylor5 May
Rev 100: Cleaned up the python test file a bit. in Taylor5 May
Rev 99: Fixed Python Async code. in Taylor5 May
Rev 98: Added async transactions to C#. in Taylor5 May
Rev 97: Merged changes from exception branch. in Taylor4 May
Rev 98: Actually fail on swig configure errors. in Taylor4 May
Rev 97: Fixed Java custom exceptions (thanks jbalint) in Taylor4 May
Rev 96: Removed NdbOperation:: from LockMode in readTuples. Changed upstream. in Taylor4 May
Rev 96: Added Async Transactions and callbacks to Ruby. in Taylor3 May
Rev 95: Added custom exception support for C#. in Taylor3 May
Rev 94: Added a global placeholder for RuntimeError in NdbException enum in Taylor2 May
Rev 93: Hooked csharp dir up to automake/libtool. in Taylor2 May
Rev 92: Removed -O2 from compilation. Screws things up for Java. in Taylor2 May
Rev 91: Added custom exceptions using NDB_exception instead of SWIG_exception. in Taylor2 May