Threads for Apr 2007

More datatype supportmessageMonty Taylor30 Apr
Rev 90: Added support for custom exceptions. in Taylor28 Apr
Rev 89: Merged changes from Mika. in Taylor28 Apr
Support for NdbIndex(Scan)Operation, prelim. support for typedattribute access14 messagesMonty Taylor, Mika Raento28 Apr
Rev 88: Merged changes from Mika: in Taylor28 Apr
Rev 87: Modified python to work with NdbFactory. in Taylor28 Apr
Rev 86: Changed perl/ to use NdbFactory::createNdbClusterConnection and NdbClusterConnection::getNdb in Taylor28 Apr
binary stringsmessageMika Raento24 Apr
SQLAlchemymessageMonty Taylor24 Apr
one of those daysmessageMonty Taylor15 Apr
PHP added, Java Build changedmessagesMonty Taylor, Jim Dowling15 Apr