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From:Monty Taylor Date:April 19 2008 7:22pm
Subject:NDB/Bindings 0.6.3 released
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Hey all,

I just uploaded a tarball of 0.6.3.

Which is mainly a cleanup release. A few bug fixes for Python and some
code cleaning/reorg in python and java.

The main bits are:

Split MGM/J into Interfaces/Implementations.
Fixed copyright headers and source code spacing.
Removed debian dir from this source. It is now in it's own tree.
Removed bundled swig dir.
Added dbugPush method to allow setting of tracelog settings.
Reorganized python files.
Fixed a couple of python/perl segfaults.
Fixed the python install.
Checked for minimum Java version in autoconf.

Monty Taylor
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NDB/Bindings 0.6.3 releasedMonty Taylor19 Apr