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From:Monty Taylor Date:November 20 2007 9:08am
Subject:MGM API in Connectors
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Hey all,

Got the MGM API working in the NDB/Connectors. I've tested it from Java
and Python. There's one trivial thing I'll need to do in the other
languages to make them useful with logevents, but that task took about 5
minutes for Python.

In addition to mapping current behavior, I added the ability to have
"handler" callback/event handler type functions registered for event
types and event categories - in case event-driven programming seems like
more fun.

Next big taak for NDB/J is making NdbBlob implement java.sql.Blob and
NdbResultSet implement java.sql.ResultSet (don't know what we didn't do
that already) so that I can try hooking NDB/J into Hibernate with a few
of MarkM's Statement Interceptors.

Well, that and continual bug fixing/performance concerns driven by
Betfair, of course. :)

But for those who have wanted MGM API in something other than C - here
it is. If you have a burning desire for one of the other languages
(Ruby, Perl, C#, Lua) let me know and I'll get it hooked up.

Oh, and I've released files now, so you don't have to fetch from bzr if
you want to play. There is a mainline devel branch which is intented for

and a telco-6.3 branch, which has been working against 6.3.5:

Any and all feedback is quite welcome.

MGM API in ConnectorsMonty Taylor20 Nov