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From:Monty Taylor Date:April 16 2007 8:30pm
Subject:Re: PHP added, Java Build changed
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Yes - that's the mono C#. And I agree, it's not really high on the list
of priorities... although it work surprisingly well. I do believe we
have quite a few more Python and Ruby folks than people running mono. 


On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 10:17 +0200, Jim Dowling wrote:
> Monty,
> Are you planning to run c# on Mono?
> As cluster clients don't run on windows, it woud seem c# is a low 
> priority atm.
> Jim
> Monty Taylor wrote:
> > Hey all, 
> >
> > So, because I didn't actually have pressing things to do today, I added
> > PHP support to the NDB/Connectors. It's a little basic at this point, as
> > SWIG is segfaulting when it tries to generate the PHP classes
> > themselves. But it is able to do the C-wrappers it needs to do, so even
> > if it stays that way, it's just a matter or writing PHP class wrappers
> > to call the library functions. Piece of cake, right? I've also submitted
> > some bugs to the SWIG folks, so hopefully we'll give them a decent test
> > case to work against. 
> >
> > I also did some work on the Java code as a first step in looking at
> > integrating the other NDB/J code. I've put the Java classes in a package
> > structure similar to the structure I put the python classes in. (The
> > same, except python doesn't want everything to live below a top-level
> > "com" - so com.mysql.cluster.ndbapi) I also upgraded the build system in
> > the java tree to use Automake/Libtool and to have a few more autoconf
> > macros for testing stuff. Make in the Java tree will now build the .so
> > and will make a jar file in the com/mysql/cluster/ndbapi dir. Make
> > test.class works. I have not yet ported the test cases in the test dir.
> > So ignore those for now. 
> >
> > I also discovered that there is a gcj target for swig that generates gni
> > code for gcj, which then compiles down to normal binaries. I haven't
> > played with it yet, and probably won't for a little while, but there
> > could be something interesting there. 
> >
> > So the only languages that matter that we're missing now are Lisp, Lua,
> > OCaml, Smalltalk, Scheme and Haskell -- and I think I can sleep ok at
> > night if it takes a little while to add those. :) I haven't been giving
> > much love to the C# code - Java, Python and Perl have many more features
> > at this point than C#, so I guess I need to bring it back in line. But,
> > I think before I do that I'm going to finish getting SQLAlchemy finished
> > enough to do my talk on if for the UC. Oy. Guess I should have done that
> > today. 
> >   
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