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From:Monty Taylor Date:March 24 2007 12:37am
Subject:unit tests
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I got the ok to add the unit tests from the NDB/J code to the
NDB/Connectors. So there are now some unit tests which do not work
(yay!) in the java dir. I think that porting them should not be hard
work, at which point we can port them easily to PyUnit for Python since
they are done using JUnit.

I'm also working on a replacement for the "find jni.h" autoconf code.
I've got little bits of sample code working, I just need to translate it
into m4. It's amazing that there is not a unix utility that will
recursively deference symlinks to give you the ultimate location of a
given path. Or an autoconf macro. Frustrating, really. Oh well.

I guess I really need to start putting some roadmap entires on Launchpad.
Monty Taylor
Senior Consultant
MySQL Inc.,
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unit testsMonty Taylor24 Mar