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From:Jim Dowling Date:October 23 2007 8:10am
Subject:java m4 issue
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Hi Monty,

For some reason unknown to me, the following code fails in 
ac_prog_java_works.m4 (i commented out the if-statement to get it to work):

dnl if AC_TRY_COMMAND($JAVA $JAVAFLAGS $TEST) >/dev/null 2>&1; then
dnl else
dnl  echo "configure: failed program was:" >&AC_FD_CC
dnl  cat $JAVA_TEST >&AC_FD_CC
dnl  AC_MSG_ERROR(The Java VM $JAVA failed (see config.log, check the 
dnl fi

I have a 1.6 jdk installed in /usr/java/jdk-1.6, and I have set 
JAVA_HOME to this directory.
I'm not sure the above m4 code is reliable for recognizing all java 

On another note, there's no check for the ndb headers, so you can run 
configure on the mysql binaries sucessfully (I did this by mistake!). A 
check for the existence of the headers would do the trick here.
I got it to build (for java). However, when you build from source, the 
include and lib files and in placed sub-directories lib/mysql/* and 
include/mysql/* .
I had a switch for that in my old file. You may want to add 
the switch "--mysql-built-from-source" or something like that, then set 
the include and lib directories to be the lib/mysql and include/mysql 


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java m4 issueJim Dowling23 Oct
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