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From:Monty Taylor Date:March 24 2007 12:28am
Subject:Re: NDB-connectors patches
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Mika Raento wrote:
> The attached bazaar patch adds or fixes support for:
> * async transactions from perl

Awesome. Now if I figure this out from C# and Ruby we'll be complete on
that feature.

> * batch parameter for scan operation
> * exceptions from more functions
> * (preliminary) dictionary objects

I can't tell you how many crazy things I tried to get this to work. I
was actually at the beginning of trying to replace the nested classes
with C++ Namespaces in API code upstream. I feel a little silly that I
didn't try renaming the classes.

If turns out that we've got our first place of really needig conditional
compilation per version. So I added support for that, although some
stuff really needs to be reorganized now.

Also, there are some things about the type renaming which broke Java, so
I didn't enable NdbDictionary.i for java until I figure out what the
problem is.

> * deleteTuple and Blobs in ScanOperation
> I moved some of the declarations around so that we can have more generic
> exception blocks (one for functions returning objects, one for ints and
> one for void). SWIG doesn't support nested classes, the dictionary
> things show how you can work around that.

Good idea here.

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