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From:Monty Taylor Date:September 14 2007 7:36am
Subject:Re: code re-org/cleanup
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Oh, because it might not have been clear earlier, this is all in

I haven't merged it in to devel yet...

Monty Taylor wrote:
> Hey Johan,
> In case you haven't been following all the commit messages, I've started
> in on the code reorganization in the ndbjmerge branch. The ndbapi tree
> is gone (and the tests still work, so I did something right. :)  )
> The next step is to start merging the *Impl and *Ref classes, so that
> the Impl classes essentially call the JNI stuff directly. I'll start in
> on that either tomorrow or this weekend - or on the plane on Sunday
> (long plane ride ahead - much boredom possible)
> But for now, the code tree should be a little cleaner and less confusing.
> There is one interface change I've made, just because it'll be easier to
> keep consistent. I'm open to argument, but in the C++ API, AbortOption
> and ExecType are not part of NdbTransaction, they are global enums. They
> are now also global, so any code that references
> com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.NdbTransaction.AbortOption or
> com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.NdbTransaction.ExecType needs to change to just
> reference com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.AbortOption or
> com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.ExecType.
> I'm also thinking about moving the exception classes out of the .errors
> package and just in to ndbj - sound good to you? (That was originally
> done to solve the problem caused by having ndbapi and ndbj.)
> I think the code base is about to get much simpler, which is a good
> thing. Let me know what you think, and I'll push it over into the devel
> branch.

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