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From:Monty Taylor Date:September 14 2007 6:43am
Subject:code re-org/cleanup
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Hey Johan,

In case you haven't been following all the commit messages, I've started
in on the code reorganization in the ndbjmerge branch. The ndbapi tree
is gone (and the tests still work, so I did something right. :)  )

The next step is to start merging the *Impl and *Ref classes, so that
the Impl classes essentially call the JNI stuff directly. I'll start in
on that either tomorrow or this weekend - or on the plane on Sunday
(long plane ride ahead - much boredom possible)

But for now, the code tree should be a little cleaner and less confusing.

There is one interface change I've made, just because it'll be easier to
keep consistent. I'm open to argument, but in the C++ API, AbortOption
and ExecType are not part of NdbTransaction, they are global enums. They
are now also global, so any code that references
com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.NdbTransaction.AbortOption or
com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.NdbTransaction.ExecType needs to change to just
reference com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.AbortOption or

I'm also thinking about moving the exception classes out of the .errors
package and just in to ndbj - sound good to you? (That was originally
done to solve the problem caused by having ndbapi and ndbj.)

I think the code base is about to get much simpler, which is a good
thing. Let me know what you think, and I'll push it over into the devel
Monty Taylor
Senior Consultant
MySQL Inc.,
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code re-org/cleanupMonty Taylor14 Sep
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