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From:Monty Taylor Date:March 20 2007 6:37pm
Subject:Re: bazaar batches
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Mika Raento wrote:

> The bazaar branch includes all the autoconf-generated things, rather
> than just autoconf's inputs. That's probably good, so that people
> without autoconf can run this. But it also means that I get a huge
> number of changes if I run autoconf in the tree :-(

No, they shouldn't have been in there - laziness on my part. We can
include them in source tarballs, but the assumption is that if you're
checking the code out from version control that you have things like
autoconf and don't mind getting your hands dirty.

> Should we remove the things from the devel tree and tell people to run
> autoreconf? Or should we add some kind of ignore-patterns for those files?

Yes. Both actually. Removing them is the first step. Next, you just need
to do:

bzr ignore

or whatever, which will add to .bzrignore

I've already done this for these files.

> (I confess I've never used bazaar and that's partially why I'm asking
> these questions rather than just fixing the issue).

Perfectly fine. I think you're doing quite admirably!

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