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From:Monty Taylor Date:May 25 2007 6:06am
Subject:not on windows
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Hey all,

Just wanted to say real quick how happy I am NDB API doesn't work on
Windows. Reading the SWIG mailing list with all the issues people have
trying to compile stuff on Windows in general (even though swig supports
it) makes me happy I don't have to figure that out. :)

I got NdbDictionary stuff fixed, btw ... and I've got another big code
checkin and push coming soon. I have some unit tests passing, and some
that aren't have pointed me to a few memory management issues. I think
once I sort those out (thankfully just need to sort them out once)
getting most of the rest of the Java unit tests passing should be cake,
at which point I can start in earnest on porting them to the other

Oh, and somewhere along the line I've broken exceptions in Ruby - which
is odd cause I didn't think I touched any of that code. Sigh. The unit
tests will be _really_ nice for this project. The nice thing is that I
think we might be coming to the end of making interface changes, since
I've had to hit all of the interface pretty hard and completely for the
NDB/J stuff.
Monty Taylor
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MySQL Inc.,
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