Dear Entrepreneur

Local businesses are looking for a better and more cost effective way to market to their customers and get new customers.

SMS marketing has been proven to be one of the fastest, cheapest, and more effective way to communicate. SMS Marketing is the most effective marketing communication medium because 95% of all text messages get opened within 5 minutes of receiving them and 83% of the SMS are opened within ONE HOUR.

As businesses learn about the effectiveness of Mobile/SMS Marketing, they are quickly adopting that medium as part of their overall marketing communication mix. 

You Can Be The Entrepreneur That Provide SMS Marketing to these Businesses

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, or even an unemployed person willing to make Money, using the SMS Marketing Platform is the perfect way for you to do it.

Our SMS Reseller Program is designed to get your Mobile Marketing Business up and running as quickly as possible. We provide all of the "little things" to insure that you are focused on selling the product, and not worrying about technical or administrative issues.

This is an opportunity for all ages, and all experience levels. Whether you need to make an extra few hundred dollars or need to make thousands of dollars a month, our SMS Business Program can provide you the vehicle to reach your greatest levels of success.

Who can be an SMS Marketing Business Owner?

Anyone! Yes, anyone who has knowledge of internet can become a reseller and start his/her own SMS Marketing Business. You can benefit from it even if you are a student or A retired person. 

SimplySMS Uganda will provide you with all the details about SMS Marketing and ideas on how to attract customers for your business. 

Our SMS Marketing Reseller Platform Benefits

SimplySMS Uganda specialize in helping entrepreneurs like you who are seeking to start their own mobile/SMS advertising business.

Dealer Benefits 

We give you unlimited SMS potential with very low SMS prices- as low as 25/= per SMS. We do not impose any pricing restrictions on you and you are free to Charge your customers whatever you want per sms.

As a reseller you can earn as much as you want. This is your business and you set the rules here.

Samples SMS Marketing Text you can send for your client:


A restaurant owner can sending lunch specials, dinner specials, coupons and a variety of enticing offers to a list of preferred customers.

“Welcome to Antonio’s restaurant! Today, between 12pm and 3 pm taste our new specialty – steamed duck with pineapple. Get a free dessert with this message as a valued customer.”

Retail Store

Marketing messages about new arrivals and other special deals can be sent to customers’ mobile phones at regular intervals.

“Free album for each developed and copied film - Mon-Fr between 10 AM-5 PM. Scanning of negatives, portraits, B&W photography & repairing of damaged pictures. We bring true colours to your pictures. Moon Studios”

As an SMS reseller, you will be benefiting yourself as well as the companies you market this idea to. It is a win-win situation. Both parties benefit from this. SMS marketing works and produces the results that businesses have been looking for and wanting without the budget-breaking pricing structure. SMS marketing is affordable and will fit into any size business’s budget.

Start Your Own SMS Marketing Business

Join the mobile/SMS marketing revolution. Start and run your profitable SMS Marketing Business today.

To learn more about how to start your SMS business, call +256-705-888705, or send us an email to

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Now Is The Time for you to Start Your SMS Business. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


Thanx and Regards

Zuhra Mulumba

Sales & Marketing Manager

Simply SMS Uganda

Plot 114, Kibuli Road

(Opp. Fire Masters Kibuli, Kampala

Mob: +256-704-008 026, +256-705-888 705



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