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From:Stefan Hinz Date:September 13 2006 10:09am
Subject:GUI Tools Book and the ID mapping machinery
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The MySQL GUI tools have been available as a suite of all tools for
quite a while (
Therefore, it seemed logical to also provide a single manual covering
all tools (MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Migration
Toolkit, and MySQL Workbench). We've done this now, and will remove the
individual manuals once we're able to provide all formats. At the
moment, we're providing PDF only: See

Combining the individual manuals into one GUI tools book has become
possible due to our newly created ID mapping machinery. It allows us to
compile customised documentation out of anything that's a DocBook XML
file. The main problem is that there will be broken links in that
customised document, and that's what the mapping machinery takes care
of. With this in place, we could even create a customised manual that
would consist of the introduction to the MySQL server, the GUI tools'
table editor, and a chapter from the Cluster NDB API manual. Not that
this would necessarily make a lot of sense ... But if you have a need
for a senseful combination of MySQL documentation excerpts, don't
hesitate to ask us for this! If it's possible to create (there are still
a few limitations), we'll make it available to you, and/or to the
general public.


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GUI Tools Book and the ID mapping machineryStefan Hinz13 Sep