Threads for May 2013

Are There Slow Queries that Don't Show in the Slow Query Logs?messagesEric Robinson, Vikas Shukla30 May
ANN: Advanced Data Generator 3 released!messageMartijn Tonies30 May
Audit Table storage for Primary Key(s)11 messagesNeil Tompkins, Carsten Pedersen, Andrew Moore, Rick James, Jason Trebilcock30 May
Temporary Tables with Triggers ProblemmessagesNeil Tompkins, Ananda Kumar, hsv29 May
Editing existing Trigger MySQL 5.6messagesNeil Tompkins, hsv29 May
SSH tunnels and non root accounts get "the server service or theconfiguration file could not be found"messagesMiguel González, Michael Dykman, Tim Pownall, Miguel Gonzalez, Claudio Nanni29 May
List of locks kept by transactionmessageIlya Kazakevich28 May
Bug in BETWEEN same DATETIME13 messagesDaevid Vincent, Timothy R Peterson, Andrew Moore, Michael Dykman, Rick James, shawn green, hsv23 May
The new versions of Devart dbExpress drivers with support for Rad Studio XE4messageOksana Voloshuk23 May
Version 5.6.2-m5 Boolean DatatypemessagesNeil Tompkins, shawn green, Darryle Steplight, Wm Mussatto, Rick James, Hartmut Holzgraefe, hsv22 May
Mysql server - which filesystem to choose? Is it really thatimportant nowadays?messagesRafał Radecki, Manuel Arostegui, Tim Callaghan, Rick James, Johan De Meersman22 May
fragmentation in innodb tablesmessagesMiguel González, Rick James21 May
Visual Studio 2012 Supported in Devart's dbForge Fusion for MySQL, v.6.0messageOksana Voloshuk21 May
THANKSmessagesLast Hacker Always onpoint, Reindl Harald18 May
MySQL Client (libmysqlclient) compatibility policymessagesSebastien FLAESCH, Reindl Harald17 May
,企,业,个,税 (发#票) ,13534102640 ,陈,messagewdakooojq16 May
COM_EXECUTE_STMT fails and I don't know whymessageMaurício Linhares16 May
Innodb innodb_buffer_pool_size?messagesRafał Radecki, Reindl Harald, Claudio Nanni, Vikas Shukla, Ilya Kazakevich16 May
Dropping column/index from MyISAM table increases disk spacewithout calling "optimize"messagesMichael Finch, Rick James14 May
ANN: DAC for MySQL 2.9.0 Beta is out!messageAleksander Andreev14 May
[ANN] mysql binding for LuaJITmessageCosmin Apreutesei14 May
problems with relationships created by mysqlmessagesrounak jain13 May
auto-increment more than one fieldmessagesrounak jain, Michael Dykman, Jan Steinman12 May
NET START MYSQL QUESTION?10 messagesSIVASUTHAN NADARAJAH, Reindl Harald, Mimiko, hsv, shawn green, Eric Robinson11 May
TriggersmessagesAastha, Michael Dykman, Rick James10 May
Slow Response -- What Does This Sound Like to You?13 messagesEric Robinson, Rick James, Johnny Withers, Denis Jedig, Wm Mussatto, shawn green, Bruce Ferrell, Vikas Shukla9 May
MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.10 has been releasedmessageSunanda Menon7 May
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.5 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz2 May
MySQL Connector/C 6.1.0 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz2 May
Chain Replication QUestionmessagesRichard Reina, Rick James, Andrew Morgan, Michael Dykman1 May
Adding language support to tablesmessagesNeil Tompkins, Rick James1 May
Long integer constant problem in viewsmessagehsv1 May