Threads for Feb 2013

mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.27 user privileges questionmessagesRajeev Prasad, Prabhat Kumar, Reindl Harald, Benjamin Stillman27 Feb
data loss due to misconfigurationmessagesZachary Stern, Benjamin Stillman, Rick James, Reindl Harald, shawn green26 Feb
MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.9 has been releasedmessageSunanda Menon26 Feb
Unused space in table cache, while tables are being openedmessageJohan De Meersman25 Feb
Mysql Monitoring with GraphitemessagesAdarsh Sharma, Johan De Meersman, Mike Franon21 Feb
replication fails after upgrade to 5.610 messagesMike Franon, Reindl Harald, Rick James20 Feb
PreparedStatement problemmessagesZhangFangXue, Johan De Meersman19 Feb
MySQL Client (libmysqlclient) compatibility policymessagesSebastien FLAESCH, Reindl Harald, Noel Butler18 Feb
How to verify if backup is ok?messagesRafał Radecki, Johan De Meersman18 Feb
MyISAM table size vs actual data, and performancemessagesJohan De Meersman, Rick James15 Feb
MySQL 5.1: incorrect arithmetic calculationmessagesAlex Keda, Johan De Meersman, misiaq, Rick James15 Feb
Upgrading form mysql 5.0.90 to 5.5 or 5.636 messagesMike Franon, Akshay Suryavanshi, Manuel Arostegui, Mihail Manolov, Rick James, Singer Wang, Keith Murphy, Reindl Harald, Johnny Withers, Divesh Kamra, Sabika Makhdoom14 Feb
slave replication with lots of 'duplicate entry' errors11 messagesRobert Citek, Manuel Arostegui, Rick James, Singer Wang13 Feb
[ANN] ODB C++ ORM 2.2.0 releasedmessageBoris Kolpackov13 Feb
ANN: AnySQL Maestro 13.2 releasedmessageSQL Maestro Team13 Feb
select and update in the same statementmessagewilliam drescher12 Feb
Please check the stored proceduremessagesGirish Talluru, Timothy R Peterson12 Feb
Variable manipulation in stored proceduremessageGirish Talluru12 Feb
Error in MMM setup from 5.1 to 5.6messagesAdarsh Sharma, yoku ts., Reindl Harald12 Feb
..messagekilledar10 Feb
Major MySQL Revision Takes on NoSQLmessagesDaevid Vincent, Peter Brawley, Reindl Harald, Johan De Meersman8 Feb
Problems compiling 5.6.10 under CygWIN for WindowsmessageMichael Steele7 Feb
the leading site for online workmessagerohit bishnoi6 Feb
SELECT subquery problemmessagescl, Carlos Eduardo Caldi, Stefan Kuhn, Andrew Moore, Andy Wallace5 Feb
MySQL Community Server 5.6.10 (GA) has been releasedmessageBjorn Munch5 Feb
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.4 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz5 Feb
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.12 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz5 Feb
MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.2 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz5 Feb
MySQL Community Server 5.1.68 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison5 Feb
MySQL Community Server 5.5.30 has been releasedmessageSunanda Menon5 Feb
IF and CASEmessageshsv, Rick James5 Feb
Question about InnodbmessagesWayne Leutwyler, Rick James4 Feb
MySQL and Active DirectorymessagesWayne Leutwyler, Fabricio Archanjo4 Feb
ANN: Database Workbench 4.3.2, free Lite Editions now available!messageMartijn Tonies4 Feb
Mysqldump routines dump, problem with lock tables.messagesRafał Radecki, Rick James4 Feb
ANN: DAC for MySQL 2.8.1 is out!messageAleksander Andreev3 Feb
file level encryption on mysqlmessagesMike Franon, Reindl Harald, Rick James3 Feb
log sequence number InnoDB: is in the future!?messagesLarry Martell, walter harms, Reindl Harald, Manuel Arostegui, Benjamin Stillman2 Feb
InnoDB interaction between secondary and primary keys.messageJeremy Chase1 Feb
Can't drop table after crashmessagesLarry Martell, Rick James1 Feb
Complex MySQL Select Statement HelpmessagesAngela Barone, Peter Brawley, hsv1 Feb