Threads for Sep 2012

Benetl, a free ETL tool for MySQL, out in version 4.1messageBenoĆ®t Carpentier30 Sep
MySQL Community Server 5.1.66 has been releasedmessageAkhil Mohan29 Sep
MySQL Community Server 5.6.7 has been releasedmessageBjorn Munch29 Sep
MySQL Community Server 5.5.28 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison29 Sep
MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.7 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz29 Sep
checking progress of alter table on an InnoDB table (Was: Re:checking progress of alter table on a MyISAM table)messagesLarry Martell, Rick James, Akshay Suryavanshi, Reindl Harald27 Sep
i am running mysqlrepair on 80G myisam table.messageRick James27 Sep
checking progress of alter table on a MyISAM tablemessagesLarry Martell, Rick James, hsv, Karen Abgarian26 Sep
ANN: Database Workbench 4.3.1, free Lite Editions now available!messageMartijn Tonies25 Sep
Need Help Converting Character SetsmessagesMark Phillips, Rick James, hsv, Derek Downey24 Sep
user not able to login from localhostmessagesRajeev Prasad, Rick James, Michael Dykman, Ben Mildren24 Sep
New Fast Server Now Available at GoGrid.commessageHiromichi Watari24 Sep
secure user name for MySQL account?messagesRajeev Prasad, Johan De Meersman, Arthur Fuller, Shawn Green24 Sep
Doubt Regd. Circular Replication In MysqlmessagesAdarsh Sharma, Benjamin Stillman, Shawn Green, Rick James24 Sep
[ask] count items in the SET(value1,value2,value3)messagesMorning Star, Rick James24 Sep
How to block SELECT * FROM table; but not SELECT * FROMT table WHERE...;messagesLuis Daniel Lucio Quiroz, Reindl Harald, Tim Pownall, Arthur Fuller, Martin Gainty, abhishek jain, Rick James23 Sep
Mysql cluster installation errormessagesAastha, Nitin Mehta, Michael Dykman, Martin Gainty23 Sep
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.2 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz21 Sep
Default Values for Max User and Max Connections.messagesWayne Leutwyler, Rick James21 Sep
Risks involved in MyISAM to InnodbmessagesGirish Talluru, Reindl Harald, Benoit St-Jean, Rick James21 Sep
Partitioning on a Substring of Varchar Column in MysqlmessagesAdarsh Sharma, Rick James21 Sep
mysql is eating up lot of CPU and memorymessagesSimon K, Andrew Moore, Rick James20 Sep
Making Myself CrazymessagesJan Steinman, Rick James20 Sep
InnoDB vs. other storage enginesmessagesMark Haney, Manuel Arostegui, Rick James, hsv, Michael Widenius19 Sep
mysqldump warningmessagenixofortune18 Sep
[Possible Spam]Php programmermessageSteven Staples18 Sep
[ANN] ODB C++ ORM 2.1.0 releasedmessageBoris Kolpackov18 Sep
Php programmermessageratlhaganam18 Sep
getting certain rows from a group by19 messagesLarry Martell, Peter Brawley, Rick James, hsv18 Sep
Are Single Column Indexes are sufficientmessagesAdarsh Sharma, Rick James18 Sep
function INTERVAL in viewmessageshsv, Peter Brawley, Rick James, Steven Staples17 Sep
Older mysql client with newer server compatibilitymessagesHonza Horak, Reindl Harald, Rick James17 Sep
Making myself crazy...messagesJan Steinman, Rick James16 Sep
query helpmessagesRichard Reina, Benjamin Stillman, Rick James13 Sep
Help with mysql connect_timeoutmessagesKamalakar Reddy Y10 Sep
Temporary table creation fails22 messagesMachiel Richards - Gmail, Ananda Kumar, Akshay Suryavanshi, Rik Wasmus, Garot Conklin, Manuel Arostegui, Shawn Green10 Sep
Database lock on mysql import - InformationmessagesRoland RoLaNd, Johnny Withers10 Sep
MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.6 beta has been releasedmessageKent Boortz7 Sep
Create a VIEW with nested SQLmessagesMark Haney, hsv, Rick James6 Sep
a MySQL database that lives in Google's cloud?messageAriz Jacinto6 Sep
Help with mysql connect_timeoutmessagesindrani gorti, Johan De Meersman, Singer Wang5 Sep
ignore-db-dirmessagesNoel Butler, Michael Widenius5 Sep
AggregatemessagesRick James, hsv4 Sep
identifying the cause of old active transactions with locksmessagesRaphael Bauduin3 Sep
Understanding Slow Query Log12 messagesAdarsh Sharma, yoku ts, Suresh Kuna, Rick James, Manuel Arostegui, Andy Wallace1 Sep