Threads for Aug 2012

AggregatemessageRon Piggott31 Aug
Warning for ZManda-ZRM usersmessagesJohan De Meersman30 Aug
mysql replicationmessagesaaron zhang, P.R.Karthik29 Aug
qcache settings and block meaningmessagesRaphael Bauduin, Rick James, Johan De Meersman28 Aug
MySQL, UTF8 and collationsmessagesRick James, Shawn Green, Johan De Meersman27 Aug
Having trouble with SQL querymessagesNitin Mehta, rich gray, Shawn Green26 Aug
Replication question: How to make a slave a master?messagesRichard Reina, Reindl Harald, Mihail Manolov, Rick James24 Aug
copy some values between rowsmessagesElim Qiu23 Aug
view query is slowmessagesJames W. McNeely, Martin Gainty, Sergei Petrunia, Rick James, Shawn Green23 Aug
mysql Digest 23 Aug 2012 15:37:35 -0000 Issue 4963messageJan Steinman23 Aug
New Fast MySQL Compatible Server Released under the GPL LicensemessagesDaevid Vincent, Gael Martinez, Hiromichi Watari22 Aug
user accounts using Active DirectorymessagesAastha, Ignacio Ocampo22 Aug
help with correlated subquery12 messageshsv, Larry Martell, Martin Gainty, Rick James, Shawn Green21 Aug
ANN: PHP Generator for MySQL 12.8 releasedmessagesJan Steinman, SQL Maestro Group, SQL Maestro Team21 Aug
ANN: Database Workbench 4.3.1, the multi-DBMS IDE now available!messageMartijn Tonies20 Aug
How to loop a query that is only able to handle 1 ROW at a time?messagesIncarus Derp, Rob Pollock19 Aug
Machine Learning28 messagesshawn wilson, Garot Conklin, Martin Gainty, Michael, webmaster19 Aug
update doesn'tmessagesJohnny Withers, Mogens Melander, Rik Wasmus, william drescher17 Aug
suggestion needed for table design and relationshipmessagesPeter Brawley, Rajeev Prasad15 Aug
Recovery from a MySQL dump is too long !messageReindl Harald14 Aug
Recovery from a MySQL dump is too long !messageBob Sauvage14 Aug
回复: Hi, how did u do de-emphasis of sql statements?messageMID.night14 Aug
gmanemessagesDaniel Brown, Thufir14 Aug
javax.mail.MessagemessageThufir13 Aug
real TimemessagesMichael Anderson, Rafael Valenzuela13 Aug
ANN: Database Workbench 4.3.0, the multi-DBMS IDE now available!messageMartijn Tonies13 Aug
Hi, how did u do de-emphasis of sql statements?messagesMID.night, Rick James, Johan De Meersman13 Aug
MySQL LDAP Authentication Plugin - Full example with source codemessagesIgnacio Ocampo, Rick James12 Aug
[Dbix-class] search any matching word in given string in table column which has only one wordmessageRajeev Prasad11 Aug
search any matching word in given string in table column which has only one wordmessagesRajeev Prasad, Shawn Green11 Aug
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.1 beta has been releasedmessageKent Boortz10 Aug
Best design for a table using variant datamessagesCarsten Pedersen, Gaston Gloesener, Rick James10 Aug
MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.1 has been releasedmessageKent Boortz9 Aug
MySQL Community Server 5.1.65 has been releasedmessageBjorn Munch9 Aug
changing mySQL table name screws phpMyAdmin?? reverting change fixes??messagesRick James, Rajeev Prasad8 Aug
UDF writing to unix socket - segfaults?messagesMartin Gainty, Per Jessen8 Aug
Error starting data nodemessagesAastha, Benjamin Stillman7 Aug
MySQL Community Server 5.6.6 has been releasedmessageJoerg Bruehe7 Aug
MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.5 beta has been releasedmessageKent Boortz7 Aug
About character_set_*messagesMartin Gainty, Rick James, Zhigang Zhang7 Aug
trouble with perlmessagesBenjamin Stillman, DaWiz, Elim Qiu, Martin Gainty, Perrin Harkins6 Aug
DECIMAL datatype automatically makes blank become 0messagesFred G, Benjamin Stillman, hsv5 Aug
Financial Data Mining in MySQLmessageFred G5 Aug
MySQL Community Server 5.5.27 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison3 Aug
Strange Replication BehaviormessageRick James2 Aug
manage mysql-bin.xxxxxx files on macmessagesElim Qiu, Vikas Shukla, Rik Wasmus, Rick James2 Aug
Proxy for Master - Master ReplicationmessageKishore Vaishnav2 Aug
Replication setup hepmessagesAnanda Kumar, Rick James, Pothanaboyina Trimurthy2 Aug
how to replace this data in a complex field?messageRick James1 Aug
create roles/groups in MYSQLmessagesAastha, Andrew Moore, Martijn Tonies, Rick James1 Aug
Exporting to CSV. Error Code: 2013. Lost connection to MySQLserver during querymessageFred G1 Aug
How often the slave to pull data from master?messagesRick James, Shawn Green1 Aug
query helpmessageshsv, Vikas Shukla, Rick James1 Aug
boletomessageCordia Comunicações1 Aug
ANN: Hopper (stored procedure debugger), version 1.0.3 releasedmessageMartijn Tonies1 Aug
ADDATE QuestionmessagesWilly Mularto, yoku ts1 Aug