Threads for Jun 2012

GA download reverted back to 5.5.24?12 messagesHank, Gael Martinez, Raghavendra D Prabhu, Shawn Green, Noel Butler, Govinda, Claudio Nanni, Mihail Manolov, Andrew Moore29 Jun
Trying to compile mysql 5.5 on Ubuntu 12.04messagesTravis Briggs, Mark Haney28 Jun
Question about testing memcmp()messagesSabika Makhdoom, Reindl Harald, Benjamin Stillman25 Jun
CREATE VIEW COMMENT ''messagehsv22 Jun
Triggers and column namesmessagesGael Martinez, (Halász Sándor), Rick James21 Jun
New guymessagesRaymond D'Anjou, Andrew Moore, Martin Gainty21 Jun
Indexing about 40 Billion Entries15 messagesChristian Koetteritzsch, Ananda Kumar, Rick James, Shawn Green, Brent Clark, mos, (Halász Sándor)20 Jun
Need Query HelpmessagesAnupam Karmarkar, Rick James, Shawn Green20 Jun
ANN: Hopper (stored procedure debugger), version 1.0.1 releasedmessagesMartijn Tonies, Jan Steinman20 Jun
optimize DB - bad experiencemessagesIgor Shevtsov, Rick James19 Jun
New releases of Percona Toolkit, Percona Monitoring PluginsmessageBaron Schwartz19 Jun
Unresolved symbols with mysqlclient in DEBUG mode using VC++ 2010 ExpressmessagesMiguel Cardenas, Lars Nilsson, Martin Gainty19 Jun
License question on libmysql.dll and C/C++ API Version 4.0 questionabout Victoria Reznichenko responsemessagesClaudia Murialdo, Shawn Green18 Jun
Restoring database filesmessagesa bv, Reindl Harald18 Jun
distinct & count operation with the use of "where count > $num"messagesHaluk Karamete, Tsubasa Tanaka17 Jun
console input - finding duplicate entriesmessageDaevid Vincent15 Jun
mysqldump not escaping single quotes in field datamessagesJames W. McNeely, Ananda Kumar, Rick James15 Jun
MySQL Data Recovery on Linux from files recovered to lost+foundmessageTraiano Welcome15 Jun
Which Database when lot of insert / update queries to executemessagesabhishek jain, Tsubasa Tanaka, Rick James, hsv15 Jun
console inputmessagesGary Aitken, Keith Keller, Ananda Kumar, Johan De Meersman, Shawn Green15 Jun
Is there any performance difference, maintaining separateibdata files for each and every table insted of having one singl tabale forall databases.messagesRick James, Prabhat Kumar14 Jun
ANN: Data Wizard for MySQL 12.6 releasedmessageSQL Maestro Team14 Jun
is it quiet out there?messagehsv13 Jun
NoSQL help13 messagesManivannan S ., Johan De Meersman, mos, Rick James, Ananda Kumar, (Halász Sándor)13 Jun
Minor collation questionmessagesJohan De Meersman, Shawn Green, Rick James, walter12 Jun
Foreign key and uppercase / lowercase valuesmessagesGF, Rick James, Shawn Green, Walter Tross12 Jun
Aborted clients12 messagesJohan De Meersman, Claudio Nanni, Ananda Kumar, Howard Hart12 Jun
i need advice on redundancy of mysql server.17 messagesJoey L, Ananda Kumar, Shawn Green, Andrew Moore, Baron Schwartz, Claudio Nanni, Johan De Meersman, Prabhat Kumar, Rick James11 Jun
Please do not open the link that was sent to you from my email addressmessagejavad bakhshi9 Jun
Emergency backup from *.frm *.MYD *.MYI filesmessagesMiguel Cardenas, Keith Keller, Reindl Harald9 Jun
Connect to MySQL server from a c++ applicationmessagesSimon Walter, Lars Nilsson, Claudio Nanni, Baron Schwartz7 Jun
multi master auto syncing when servers back on line10 messagesJoey L, Claudio Nanni, Andrew Moore5 Jun
I am trying to setup a multi master mysql setup.messagesJoey L, Andrew Moore5 Jun
table cache value error in my.cnf filemessagesJoey L, Reindl Harald, Andrew Moore4 Jun
i am running mysqlrepair on 80G myisam table.messagesJoey L, Reindl Harald4 Jun
i am new to innobackupex and getting some errors..can anyone hellp?messagesJoey L, Tom Sztur3 Jun
Simple Email System (SES) ProvidermessagesDon Wieland, Martin Gainty2 Jun
ANN: Database Workbench 4.2.4, free Lite Editions now available!messageMartijn Tonies1 Jun