Threads for Mar 2012

Surge 2012 CFP is Open!messageKatherine Jeschke30 Mar
ANN: Very early preview movie of Hopper, Stored Routine DebuggermessageMartijn Tonies30 Mar
HA & Scalability w MySQL + SAN + VMWare: Architecture SuggestionWantedmessagesKaren Abgarian, Rick James, shawn green, Wes Modes30 Mar
[GIG] $500 For Site Speed ImprovementmessagesMike S., Rich Jones28 Mar
Mysqld remote dont stop messagesAdmSA, Johan De Meersman28 Mar
Group expansion as part of the resultmessagesDan Nelson, Paul Halliday27 Mar
New Fast MySQL Compatible ServermessagesBaron Schwartz, Hiromichi Watari, Mogens Melander, Rick James, Singer X.J. Wang27 Mar
Difference between internal data dictionary and table definition filemessagesKinaan Khan Sherwani, Johan De Meersman27 Mar
mysqld got signal 6 (problem why bigger than I initially realised)messagesBrent Clark, Reindl Harald, P.R.Karthik, Rick James27 Mar
why must user variable in EXECUTE USING clause ?messagesCifer Lee, Johan De Meersman, Walter Tross26 Mar
1 client is using or hasn't closed the table properlymessagesBrent Clark, Johan De Meersman26 Mar
why must user variable in EXECUTE USING clause ?messagesReindl Harald, Cifer Lee26 Mar
OT: SQL QuestionmessagesDavid Turner, Mark Phillips, Michael Dykman24 Mar
big character constant11 messagesDavid Turner, (Halász Sándor), Nuno Tavares, Todd Lyons, Johan De Meersman, Walter Tross24 Mar
ANN: Database Workbench 4.2.3, the multi-DBMS IDE now available!messagesDaevid Vincent, Martijn Tonies23 Mar
MySQL Community Server 5.1.62 has been releasedmessageKaren Langford22 Mar
MySQL Community Server 5.5.22 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison22 Mar
MySQL Community Server 5.0.96 has been releasedmessageKaren Langford22 Mar
Wanted: Mariadb 5.x rpm/yum for centos 6messagesReindl Harald, Walter Heck21 Mar
Group_Concat help... messages(Halász Sándor), Mihail Manolov, Steven Staples19 Mar
date comparison query18 messagesBaron Schwartz, Charles Brown, Reindl Harald, (Halász Sándor), Mark Goodge, Michael Dykman, Nuno Tavares, Rik Wasmus, Simon Wilkinson, Johan De Meersman16 Mar
ANN: Database Workbench 4.2.2, the multi-DBMS IDE now available!messageMartijn Tonies16 Mar
Can't connect as non-root user to database20 messagesBaron Schwartz, Charles Brown, Claudio Nanni, David Lerer, Clemens Eisserer, Rik Wasmus, shawn green, Johan De Meersman16 Mar
problem with INNODB tablesmessagesReindl Harald, Malka Cymbalista15 Mar
[Info] Stay Ahead of Your Competitors [03/15/2012]messagesClaire Danes, Larry Martell15 Mar
tea pots, tea accessoriesmessagesAndrew--BRT Ceramic, Jan Steinman15 Mar
ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'ois.metadata' doesn't existmessagesAdarsh Sharma, Baron Schwartz15 Mar
Free tickets to MySQL conferencemessagesBaron Schwartz, Claudio Nanni, Johan De Meersman15 Mar
Trying to update existing prices and sizes in products tablemessagesBaron Schwartz, Claudio Nanni, Matthew Stuart14 Mar
why can not pass constant to stored procedure?messagesAntony T Curtis, Cifer Lee11 Mar
Help! The dreaded "Incorrect key file for table 'XXXXXXX'; try torepair it" errormessagesMikhail Berman, Victor Danilchenko10 Mar
How to execute the "scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysql"?message怪侠10 Mar
query problem with nullmessagesDavid Lerer, Richard Reina, Johan De Meersman9 Mar
A Blob That's a String??messagesReindl Harald, Jack Hatterly9 Mar
ANN: Code Factory for MySQL 12.3 releasedmessageSQL Maestro Team9 Mar
Benetl, a free ETL tool for MySQL, out in version 4.0messageBenoît Carpentier8 Mar
preg_replace in update statementmessagesBaron Schwartz, David Lerer, Hank, (Halász Sándor)8 Mar
Script for cleaning data on a regular basismessagea bv6 Mar
Questionnaire on motivation analysis of free open source softwareand open contentmessageGeorge Tsinarakis5 Mar
Metadata Locking issuemessageDragos CHIRIAC2 Mar
SQL FiddlemessagesChris Tate-Davies, Johan De Meersman2 Mar
Multi select Query help...messagesDon Wieland, (Halász Sándor)2 Mar
MySQL on 64 bit Windows 7?messagesDotan Cohen, Johnny Withers1 Mar
anita.willismessageAllen Fowler1 Mar
InnoDB: Error: unlock row could not find a 5 mode lock on the recordin log InnoDB: Error: unlock row could not find a 5 mode lock on the recordmessageTom1 Mar
does the number of column affect performancemessagesZheng Li, Johan De Meersman1 Mar
ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server during querymessagesBlog Tieng Viet, javad bakhshi,, Singer X.J. Wang1 Mar
How do I use a dynamic filename for an into outfile statementmessagesEd Patterson, (Halász Sándor), Paul DuBois, Johan De Meersman1 Mar
Getting data from 2 tables if records have same date!messagesDavid Giragosian, (Halász Sándor), LUCi5R, Andrés Tello, Shawn L Green1 Mar