Threads for May 1999

searches by groups of..messagesJay J, Johan Engström, Pat Trainor31 May
MySQL dies with corrupted indexmessagesMichal Ludvig, Dim Zegebart31 May
HELP!!! php 3.0.8 + apache 1.3.6 + mysql 3.22.22 == disastermessageMartin B. Jespersen31 May
Using MyODBC to Access SQLBASEmessagegbeymk Yoke Meng Kim31 May
Auto increment field to start at 0messagesDerek Lavine, Paul DuBois31 May
transactonal integritymessagesPeter, Benjamin Pflugmann31 May
flakey connectivitymessageThomas P. Meyer31 May
Mysql Perl-DBI Setup?messagesKevin Waterson, Petras Virzintas31 May
Quick select questionmessagesEduardo Arino de la Rubia, Darren Sweeney, Sasha Pachev31 May
build failure (fflush unresloved)<synopsis of the problem (one line)>messageroot31 May
moving a dbmessageDarrell Shifflett31 May
Doc ErrormessagesJavier Morales, Paul DuBois30 May
DB schema for storing repeated events ?messagechas30 May
Localhost login problemmessagesJim Faucette, Paul DuBois, Tamir Rafael and Efim Koreban30 May
mysqlmessagesJim Faucette, lee, Paul DuBois30 May
Install problem - no configuremessagesBob Bowker, Paul DuBois30 May
JDBC - SupportmessageIng. Christian Bauer30 May
PerformancemessagesMichael Farr, Paul DuBois, Sasha Pachev, Steve Fambro30 May
DocumentationmessagesChristopher R. Jones, Paul DuBois, Benjamin Pflugmann, Thomas Booms EDV30 May
missing tgetent in RedHatmessageroot30 May
Help! MyODBC ProblemmessageRay Brighenti30 May
Multiple counts as an array11 messagesAlexander I. Barkov, Darren Sweeney, Graham Ashton, Jim Faucette, Stefan Schmiedl, Sasha Pachev30 May
TQuerymessagesMichael Farr, Pat Sherrill30 May
Emulating subqueriesmessagesJim Faucette, Dave Richardson30 May
[Fwd: Re: Timestamp]messageJim Faucette30 May
last_insert_id() - strange ??messagesDarren Sweeney, Graham Ashton, Jim Faucette, Paul DuBois30 May
DelphimessagesBarry, Ed Keith, Robert RaŸniewski, Gert van 't Hof30 May
TimestampmessagesDarren Sweeney, Jim Faucette30 May
How is it?messagesJim Faucette, Quang D. Nguyen, Paul DuBois, Sasha Pachev30 May
prob w/timestamp after upgrading glibc from 2.1.1-5 to highermessagebali29 May
About use of cookies with mysqlmessageEduardo Oviedo Ocampo29 May
ABOUT USE OF COOKIESmessagesEduardo Oviedo Ocampo, unknown29 May
ThanksmessagesSasha Pachev, Pradeep Sethi29 May
IP Address TrackingmessagesDevraj Bhanot, whizkids29 May
Is there a EOF Adapter for mySQL?messageShafir29 May
Last day of monthmessagesINC American Data Processing, Chris Trown29 May
Bug in DBI?messageAndreas Scherbaum29 May
Double Comparison QuestionsmessageDave29 May
query structure approach questionmessagesJim Faucette, Pat Trainor29 May
Run SCO Program on Linuxmessagesunknown, Veerachai Wattanawongpitak28 May
SSLmessagesgl3, Sasha Pachev28 May
Apache+mySql+php - undef sym in libmysqclient.somessageSameer Siruguri28 May
Q: Last day of monthmessageRobert Andersson28 May
Installing MySqlmessagesChris, Christiano Anderson28 May
Running MySQL under tcpserver/supervmessagesFred Lindberg, Robin Bowes, Sasha Pachev28 May
Group permissions in grant tables...messagesChristian Mack, Manuel Elgorriaga, Paul DuBois28 May
mysql --host= Gets ERROR 1130: Host '' is not allowedmessagesSasha Pachev, Scott28 May error Resource Temporarily UnavailablemessagesDan Ray, Jim Faucette, Christian Mack, Sasha Pachev28 May
MYSQLmessageSajjad Ahmad28 May
MySQLmessageSajjad Ahmad28 May
MySQL sub-queries..messagePat Trainor28 May
Executing scriptmessagesChristopher R. Jones, Jorge.H.Sousa28 May
Deletions with Index PresentmessagesCharles Kirby, Christian Mack28 May
cookies and PHP3messagesUnknown Sender, New Delhi Whizkids Infotech Private Limited28 May
Duplicate Entries = MYODBC Problem?messageRay Brighenti28 May
char to varcharmessagesDavid Wall, David Viner, Devraj Bhanot, David Wall, Piet Wesselman28 May
fork_test.plmessagesLuuk de Boer, unknown28 May
Grant tables & db question (2nd solved!)messagesflist28 May
Mysql Newbie and MS Accessmessages(Bigblock Industries), unknown28 May
Grant tables & db questionmessagesChristian Mack, sflist28 May
Mysql Newbie and errorsmessages(Bigblock Industries), Darrell Shifflett28 May
Searching the archivemessagesUnknown Sender, Christian Mack28 May
schema documentationmessagesScott Putman, Bill Rhodes, Xah Lee28 May
MYSQL vs. *messagesJames Rogers, Neil, chas, Sasha Pachev28 May
MYSQL solutionmessagesJames Chelin, Neil, L. Stapinsky28 May
Requesting code:Response time measurementmessageVincent Stoessel27 May
compile problems...messagePeter Brown27 May
Beowulf and MySqlmessageStan M.D. Stead27 May
CP1250 <-> ISO-8859-2 automatic conversionmessageMichal Ludvig27 May
user table deletedmessagesSasha Pachev, Scott Mackie27 May
Help with EXPLAINmessagesBob Bowker, Christian Mack27 May
Got a pre-release copy of O'Reilly MySQL BookmessagesBob Worthy, Noah Silverman27 May
Database Structure QuestionmessagesChris, Sasha Pachev27 May
Corrupted database - SOSmessagesMichal Ludvig, Van27 May
Problem with CREATE TABLEmessagesPaul DuBois, Sandrine C.27 May
select all the rows inserted in the last sessionmessagesDavor Cengija, Don Read, Gert van 't Hof27 May
INSERT LIMITED TO 10 !!!!!messagesPaul DuBois, Sandrine C.27 May
Is this possible?messagesChristian Mack, Mark Papadakis27 May
SPAM: Bulk Email Construction Kit CD-ROM - Promote your ownweb site with legal bulk emailmessageP.E. Paul A. Franz27 May
Bug with NATURAL LEFT OUTER JOIN and indices?messagesAlexander Kourakos, Jim Faucette27 May
PERLmessagesjiangzk, Larry Mak, Sasha Pachev27 May
Bulk Email Construction Kit CD-ROM - Promote your own web site with legal bulk emailmessagekellijamus27 May
Web application benchmark results13 messagesDave, Davor Cengija, Vivek Khera, Ritschie, mab, Sasha Pachev, SrfRoG, Van27 May
Perl-CGI-DBI Missing Files?messagePetras Virzintas27 May
Access denied on fresh installmessagesSteve Pennington, web2day27 May
db crashermessageDavid Johnson26 May
Created_tmp_tables vs. Opened_tablesmessageVincent Stoessel26 May
Missing binariesmessagesGerald Clark, rbowen26 May
MySQL performancemessageRitschie26 May
ODBC in WIN 3.11messageAlbert Busoms26 May
performance problem in mysql3.22.22 and freebsd 2.2.7messagewuym26 May
ABOUT COOKIE IN PHP AND MYSQLmessagesDaniel Lacal, Eduardo Oviedo Ocampo26 May
Alternate password verificationmessagesSasha Pachev, sTtAeNvGe26 May
[Q] is there any problems with KOI8-R in MySQL?messageZeus V Panchenko26 May
tables by typemessagesSasha Pachev, Stewart Mitchell26 May
Compile mysql-3.22.22 on Red Hat 6.0 intelmessagesGerald Clark26 May
Is EXPLAIN SELECT ... reliable?messagesRobert A. Crawford, Jim Faucette, kai26 May
ODBC in WIN 3.11messagesAlbert Busoms, Colin McKinnon, Sasha Pachev26 May
SHOW COLUMNS confuses CHAR/VARCHARmessagesA. Brandic, kai, Paul DuBois26 May
AUTOINCREMENT & INSERT ...messagesErik Liljencrantz, Jim Faucette, jkraai, Ritschie, Nick Rawlings, Paul DuBois, Sasha Pachev, Sandrine C.26 May
basic question on getting web outputmessagesCharles Kirby, Liviu Chiriac, Roy F. Cabaniss26 May
Embedded selectmessagesChris, Erik Liljencrantz, Gert van 't Hof, James Rogers, Sandrine C.26 May
access denied ?messagesMarco, Christian Mack26 May
y2k (another) bugs in MySQLmessagesFulajtar Pal, Paul DuBois, Thimble Smith26 May
y2k bug in MySQLmessagesFulajtar Pal, Paul DuBois, Sasha Pachev26 May
mysqlmessagesGert van 't Hof, Ritschie, Christian Mack, pjsmith, Slavko Blazevic26 May
Maintenance of mySQL DatabasemessagesChristian Mack, Rico Albanese26 May
Please help : DBI mysqlmessageChux Amobi26 May
Question about CONSTRAINTs...messagesPatricio Mansilla-Caro, Thimble Smith26 May
Problem with DBD:mysql makemessagebessenba26 May
ABOUT LOAD DATA INFILEmessagesEduardo Oviedo Ocampo, Darrell Shifflett, Sasha Pachev, Stan P. van de Burgt, Thimble Smith26 May
query across multiple tablesmessagesElvis, Christian Mack25 May
least queries possiblemessageChad25 May
mysql running very slowmessagesDaniel Koch, Jim Faucette, kenford25 May
Drivers giving different resultsmessagesDan Busarow, Jochen Wiedmann, Vivek Khera, Tim Bunce25 May
Sun Ultra 450messageEduardo Arino de la Rubia25 May
Drivers giving different resultsmessageJochen Wiedmann25 May
mysqlaccess problems undermessagecsluder25 May
Small bug in MySQL-3.22.22-1 (RPM distribution)messagesAndrew Dunstan, Darrell Shifflett, Marek Slowikowski25 May
mySQL server wont allow table access15 messagesAdam Sherman, Andrew Dunstan, A. Brandic, Fred Read, Jim Faucette, jonathan michaels, Leigh Porter, Patrick Greenwell, Spence, SrfRoG25 May
Problem with large tablesizesmessagesFred Read, Oliver Schemmel25 May
Problem with MySQLmessagesOddvar Eirik Kaaby, Sasha Pachev25 May
Linux on SPARCmessagesLeigh Porter, Sasha Pachev, Van25 May
Asking Questions Effectively...messagesFred Read, Sasha Pachev, terry jones25 May
connection to DB + LOADmessagesDon Read, Sandrine C., Thimble Smith25 May
Compiling 3.22.22 under HP-UX 10.20messagesVivek Khera, Ralf Kraudelt, Robert Pruitt, Sasha Pachev25 May
ANNOUNCE: phpMyAdmin 2.0.1messagesAndy Thomas, Tobias Ratschiller24 May
Dates querying MysqlmessagesClaudia M. Castaneda, Graeme B. Davis, Jim Faucette, Vivek Khera, Christian Mack24 May
problem with indexingmessagesAdam Powell, Ray Brighenti, Chris Trown, Erik E Rantapaa, Sasha Pachev, Thimble Smith24 May
Help me!!!!!!!!!!messagesChris, Cristina Durana, Eduardo Arino de la Rubia, Steve Lihn24 May
Help me!!!!!!!!!!messageCristina Durana24 May
[Q] tables_priv ...messagesPaul DuBois, Sasha Pachev, Thimble Smith, Zeus V Panchenko24 May
How to relational two tables in mysql?messagesCristina Durana, Fred Read24 May
How to relational two tables in mysql?messageCristina Durana24 May
Running MySQL under tcpserver/supervisemessagesMichael Widenius, Robin Bowes24 May
SPAM: 64bit JFS 4 LinuxmessagesCNE Adam N. Thompson, Colin McKinnon, Michael Widenius24 May
Import mySQL on local ServermessageThorsten Weigl24 May
Desperately need a solution help memessagemysql Danny24 May
No prompt?11 messagesFraser MacKenzie, Vladas Lapinskas, Pat Sherrill, Patrick Sherrill, Robin Bowes, Thomas Froehlich, Thimble Smith24 May
Took down Freebsd need assitant getting back mysqlmessagemysql Danny24 May
MySQL for Linux Sparc ?messageMarco Zotta24 May
weird problem (high load)messagesOrlando Andico24 May
laser printer supplies advertisementmessagesart222, Fred Lindberg24 May
MIT Threads won't compile on FreeBSD 2.xmessagesDan Nelson, Hunter Hillegas, Thimble Smith24 May
docs request (table width)messageChristopher Hicks24 May
3.23 but no 3.23!messagesChristopher Hicks, Nem W Schlecht24 May
feature request -- rows_visitedmessagesFred Read, Vivek Khera, Erik E Rantapaa23 May
searching the database using booleanmessagesJimmy Rianto, Thimble Smith23 May
IMG again-> Which is faster: Storing all images on HD or direct access through DBmessagesHermann-Marcus Behrens, unknown23 May
Problems with joinmessagesChristian Mack, martok23 May
mysql, perl and IMG({src=>/cgi-bin ...} - a questionmessagesHermann-Marcus Behrens, unknown23 May
Lots of Help Please13 messagesAndrew Dunstan, Ben Margolin, Christopher R. Jones, David Viner, Michael Widenius, Paul DuBois, sean, Sean, Shalendra Majmundar22 May
MySQL SecuritymessagesWillem Bison, Mark Pors, Paul DuBois22 May
MySQL GUI the sourcemessageDr Eberhard W Lisse22 May
mysql on Alpha LinuxmessagePeter Green22 May
Selecting cells -- problemmessagesSvetoslav B. Alexandroff, Pat Sherrill22 May
auto_increment after deleting last IDmessagesDavor Cengija, Paul DuBois22 May
MYSQLmessagesSajjad Ahmad, Sasha Pachev, Van22 May
mySQL for OS/2messagesBen Margolin, Drew M Hahn, Paul Adem, David Dudley, Orlando Andico21 May
A Little Off topicmessagesDarren L Sweeney, Christopher R. Jones, Devraj Bhanot, Philip Hallstrom, Van21 May
MySQL GUI client for KDE14 messagesChris, Dr Eberhard W Lisse, Stefan Möhl, Jon Gunnar Rue, Vivek Khera, Oliver Artelt, Sasha Pachev, Sirtaj Singh Kang, Van21 May
about C++ thingie for MySQLmessageThimble Smith21 May
Logfile-AnalyzermessagesJoerg Huettmann, Luuk de Boer, Michael Widenius21 May
MySQL C++ ClassmessagesJay Miller, Sasha Pachev21 May
DESCRIBE gets put off by selects on BLOBmessagesessett, Stefan Möhl, Michael Widenius21 May
Array Type.messagesChristian Mack, ÇãÁ¤¼ö21 May
Data type 9 not supportedmessageschristopher, Francois LAPERRUQUE, Darrell Shifflett21 May
Concurrency Issues with MysqlmessagesMichael Widenius, Terry Brown21 May
INSERTmessagesDon Read, Jim Faucette, Ruprecht Helms, Sandrine C., Shalendra Majmundar, Thimble Smith21 May
large amount of connections with mysqlmessagesThimble Smith, zjs21 May
REPOST Apache and MySQLmessagesSteve Pennington, Thimble Smith21 May
Can't startup mysql daemonmessagesJordan Krushen, Pan Hong, Thimble Smith21 May use of "false".messagesnoyd, Benjamin Pflugmann21 May
Index optimizationmessagesDave, Christian Mack21 May
store BLOBs separately ?messagesmatthew mcglynn, Michael Widenius21 May
About Your WebsitemessagesDr Eberhard W Lisse, Fred Lindberg, Barbie21 May
SQL Question...messagesChris, Benjamin Pflugmann21 May
...non-updatable fields..messageFrederik Feys21 May
field types?messagesAndrew Dunstan, Sasha Pachev, Sumbry][, Thimble Smith21 May
ODBC and remote accessmessageChristian Mack20 May
Removing MySQL to re-install *help*messagesGraeme B. Davis, Robert Sabin, Thimble Smith20 May
SQL questionmessagesAlexander I. Barkov, Devraj Bhanot, Benjamin Pflugmann20 May
default valuemessagesUnknown Sender, (Eric Savage), Graeme B. Davis, Harald Seckel, Paul DuBois20 May
retrieving the last 20 rowsmessagesmab, Patrick Sherrill20 May
Win 3.11 ODBC drivermessageUnknown Sender20 May
Force re-install or uninstall help needed.messageRobert Sabin20 May
ODBC and remote accessmessageRuben20 May
References between columnsmessagesEnrique Suárez, Christian Mack20 May
Do I need a sub-select for this (I know MySQL does not yet support it)messagesJustin Willoughby, Christian Mack20 May
Problems with DBI/DBDmessagesFraser MacKenzie, Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi, Thimble Smith20 May
mySQL vs. mSQLmessagesHasan Naseer, Thimble Smith20 May
What s going on? HELP !!messagesSandrine C., Thimble Smith20 May
Dropped connection timeoutmessagesMichael Widenius, Vlad Shalnev20 May
select !distinct! does not work when using functions?messagesHolger Ebel, Christian Mack20 May
Tool for table design, modification etc.messagespjsmith, Sasha Pachev20 May
MySQL and Nested QuerriesmessagesChristian Mack, Tor-Erik Hagen20 May
MySQL with a website???messagesChristopher R. Jones, David Viner, Devraj Bhanot, FirstSelec, Thimble Smith20 May
SorrymessagesVan20 May
no threads leftmessagesUnknown Sender, Davor Cengija, Jonathan Gill, Orlando Andico, John Tester, unknown20 May
autonumberingmessagesJim Faucette, sean hynes, Thimble Smith20 May
Problems Creating Grant Tablesmessagedavid20 May
WantedmessagesChris Jester, Patrick Greenwell20 May
Mysql HorsePowermessagesCarlos Paz, Christian Mack20 May
Object Serialization...messagesEduardo Arino de la Rubia, Sasha Pachev, \"Terrence W. Zellers\"20 May
mysqld problemmessagesDan Nelson, Ulrich Gulløv, Michael Widenius20 May
'\r <database>' mysql syntax is brokenmessagejason.axley20 May
"Can't guess host type"messagesRuprecht Helms, Sergej Zoubok20 May
Memory usage of libmysqlclientmessageslist, Michael Widenius19 May
slowdownmessagesXavier BEAUDOUIN, Christian Mack19 May
SQL Question - OUTER JOIN? (newbie)messagesDavid Christian, Christian Mack19 May
Minor SQL Questionmessagesjkraai, Paul DuBois19 May
Large Tablesmessages(Brandon Shuey), Paul DuBois, Steve Lihn19 May
Default valuemessagesPaul DuBois, Philip Dixon19 May
C++ needed to build client library??messages(Michael Palm), Sasha Pachev19 May
mysql-3.22.22 on a HP...messageRichard van Hees19 May
select DISTINCT blah, wibble, fnordmessagesJames Tyson, Jim Faucette, Van19 May
best way to wipe info13 messagesFraser MacKenzie, glen, Graeme B. Davis, jkraai, Paul DuBois, Piet Wesselman, Sasha Pachev, Thimble Smith, unknown, Xah Lee19 May
Heavy accessmessagesJimmy Rianto, Sasha Pachev19 May
how to make a mysql distribution in HP depot format for hpux10.20?messageMartin Terpstra19 May
mysqlbugmessagesDan Nelson, Khurram Shahzad, Paul DuBois19 May
How to create the linkage among the tables?messagesChristian Mack, wend19 May
mysql_install_db hangs on SunmessagesJeff Holt, Michael Widenius19 May
Joining tablesmessagesDan Parisien, Jim Faucette, peter, Benjamin Pflugmann, Thimble Smith19 May
Re: keeping order of insertion.messagesCarlos Paz, Dan Nelson, Pete Harlan, Michael Widenius, Stephen F. Johnston Jr., Thimble Smith19 May
Beginner Help on privilegesmessagesMike Machado, Paul Smith, Thimble Smith19 May
Java order-entry system for MySQLmessagelists19 May
ENUM and SETmessagesDan Parisien, Thimble Smith18 May
Out of memory using order by on 19 records!messagesMichael Widenius, Shafir, Thimble Smith, Bill Rhodes18 May
upgrdaing mysql - 3.21.28-gamma - newest versionmessagesDouglas B. Jones, Christian Mack, Michael Widenius18 May
Problem w/ self-referencing tables populationmessagesGianmarco Armellin, Jules Bean, Thimble Smith18 May
sub selectmessagesDan Nelson, Christian Mack, pdube18 May
Understanding Table LockingmessagesJay Miller, Christian Mack, Michael Widenius, Paul DuBois, Erik E Rantapaa, unknown18 May
move schemas across hostsmessagesjkraai, Charles Kirby, Darrell Shifflett, Xah Lee18 May
Changin for MySQLmessageAngelo Ribeiro18 May
INSERT, SELECT and LOW_PRIORITYmessagesChristian Mack, Michael Palm, Paul DuBois18 May
Most excellent work, Thimble (was) Parsing of Mail files into a DatabasemessageVan18 May
mysql_real_connect problemmessagesPaul DuBois, Sasha Pachev, Yury Bukhman18 May
Apache and MySQLmessageSteve Pennington18 May
struggle: JOIN + indexesmessagesGraham Ashton, Christian Mack18 May
query on tables in second database when connection was made for first databasemessagesChristian Mack, Benjamin Pflugmann, Scott Liu18 May
Database distributionmessagesBenjamin Grosman, David Johnson, Michael Widenius, Pete Lancashire, Sasha Pachev, (David Sklar), unknown18 May
database names with periods?messagesDaniel Koch, Cliff Addy18 May
Newbie questionsmessageRonald Beck17 May
MySQL and RAM RequirementsmessagesAlexander Maret, Michael Widenius, Sasha Pachev17 May
[ANNOUNCE] WebMerger version 1.52messageBengt Hahn17 May
DBI WORKS PERFECTLY IN COMMANd LINE but is not working in APACHE WEBSERVER !!!messageschristopher sagayam, Vivek Khera, Oliver Artelt, Sasha Pachev17 May
Corrupt Table, isamchk just truncates data.messagesMichael Widenius, Richard Swift17 May
DBI - DOES NOT WORK ON WEBSEERVER !!!messageschristopher sagayam, Dr Eberhard W Lisse, Fraser MacKenzie, Sasha Pachev17 May
mod_auth_mysql as DSO for apache?messagesVivek Khera, Benjamin Pflugmann, Sasha Pachev, Thomas Lund, Evan Thomas, Van17 May
Installation ProblemmessagesSiriphen Wikaisuksakul, Sasha Pachev17 May
Access to mysqlmessagesDaniel Lacal, Julian de la Guia17 May
why is "order by" DESC so slow?messagesJim Faucette, Michael Widenius, Robert A. Bruce17 May
connect to remote databasemessagesgil, Sasha Pachev17 May
Problems upgarding mySQL on Win32messagesChristian Mack, Rico Albanese17 May
USER and MYSQLmessageshgz, Malcolm Hutty, Sasha Pachev17 May
keeping order of insertion.messagesCarlos Paz, Paul DuBois17 May
spontaneous locking?messagesMichael Widenius, Piet Wesselman17 May
Working with bigintsmessagesDon Read, Michael Widenius, Shane Wegner17 May
help - not allowed to connectmessagesEd Keith, Paul DuBois, Sasha Pachev17 May
Hm... why?messagesFred Lindberg, Mark Papadakis, Michael Widenius, Paul Smith16 May
Interdev and MySQLmessagesBarry Hillier, Sasha Pachev, Van16 May
log rotatation in 3.21.19 and maybe othersmessageSasha Pachev16 May
permissions?messageDarrell Shifflett16 May
load data infilemessagesMike MacNeill, Sasha Pachev16 May
Update Low Priority Locking tablesmessagesMichael Widenius, Vinny Stoessel16 May
Virtual Server ExperiencemessageSergej Zoubok15 May
mySQL 3.23 - questionmessagesKenneth Cobler, Mark Papadakis, Michael Widenius, Michael Widenius, Paul DuBois15 May
random rowsmessagesChristian Mack, Xah Lee15 May
ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (61) why?? why??messagemysql Danny15 May
[INTERFACES] Re: [sql] mysql vs. postgresqlmessageDeJuan Jackson15 May
thank you and more infomessageroot15 May
How create a lookup from one table to another?messagesRichard Skelton, Thimble Smith15 May
architechtural/performance questionmessagesBen Margolin, Eduardo Arino de la Rubia, Sasha Pachev15 May
moving database from one server to anothermessagesChristopher R. Jones, John Miller, nkolb, Paul DuBois, Sasha Pachev15 May
[sql] mysql vs. postgresqlmessageChristopher R. Jones14 May
Software patentsmessageMichael Widenius14 May
MySQL-DBI-perl-bin...rpmmessagesFred Lindberg, Michael Widenius, Tin Le14 May
order by random?messagesDarren L Sweeney, Sasha Pachev, Chris Nuccitelli14 May
Compile failure under Solaris 7messagekavelaar14 May
Y2k problem?messagesDave Pugh, Jim Faucette, Michael Widenius14 May
Test Tools!messagesMichael Widenius, Sam14 May
TEXT/BLOB problems under RedHat 6.0 on DEC Alpha AS/800 servermessagesMichael Widenius, zager14 May
Updating (incrementing) primary keysmessagesKristian Köhntopp, Christian Mack, Michael Widenius, Sasha Pachev14 May
Fields & record Lengthsmessagehgz14 May
Killed processes / Server hangingmessagesVivek Khera, Michael Griffith, Michael Widenius14 May
MySQL ImportingmessageOrlando Andico14 May
create databasemessagesBrian Hughes, Kevin Waterson, Thimble Smith, Tim Winders14 May
Can't connect to local MySQL server (again!)messagesJens Ellegiers, Pat Sherrill, Darrell Shifflett, BOB SCOTT, Thimble Smith14 May
Sco 5.0.4 CompilemessagesDrew M Hahn, 801) 250-O795 Work, Robert Brady14 May
how to use set typesmessagehgz14 May
Set types!!!messageshgz, Paul DuBois, Thimble Smith14 May
experienced PHP3/MySQL developers neededmessagesCheng-Wei Cheng, matthew mcglynn14 May
Mysql 3.22.22 on HP-UX 10.20 Compiles okay but SQL failsmessagewilliam214 May
Decent PDF format for the manualmessageGiulio Agostini14 May
can connect to fully qualified hostname but not localhostmessagesFred Lindberg, root14 May
Join ProblemmessagesChristian Mack, nkolb14 May
dmoz' open directorymessageunknown14 May
mysql - internet connectionmessagesGrant Cowan, Sasha Pachev14 May
insert ignoremessagesChristian Mack, Mike Otto13 May
Date/TimemessagesWTFRC)13 May
Hell on earthmessagesBruno Mattarollo, Oliver König, Paul DuBois13 May
errormessageRaymond Miecznik13 May
Linux World Article about PHP, MySQL and PhorummessageBrian Moon13 May
count_distinct?messagesChristian Mack, Michael Widenius, unknown13 May
chinese big5?messagesMike Wong, Michael Widenius, chas, Paul Chung13 May
"How MySQL uses indexes"messagesMichael Widenius, Matthias Pigulla13 May
Multiple CPU Question (revised)messageFred Chen13 May
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<synopsis of the problem (one line)>messagesypplie3 May
<synopsis of the problem (one line)>messagesypplie3 May
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