Threads for Mar 1999

How to UPDATE from field in other tablemessagesEric Berg, Christian Mack31 Mar
...messagesCristina Durana Chambre de Sá Moita, Eric Berg, Thimble Smith31 Mar
HELP! Problem persist...messageBrazilian Toy Informatica Ltda31 Mar
OOPS!messageBrian S. Craigie31 Mar
UDF: can't resolve symbolmessagesJochen Dolze, Michael Widenius31 Mar
Sinisa Milivojevic <sinisa@beotel.yu> Where R UmessageMark31 Mar
Error Recovery ?messagesJinsoo Hwang, Michael Widenius31 Mar
missing mysql.sock filemessagewishmael31 Mar
Help with Mysql and JDBCmessagesJiho Han, Christian Mack31 Mar
[Shouldn't the hostname be given in the log file?]messagesseth, Sasha Pachev, Seth Chaiklin, Michael Widenius31 Mar
Can not start safe_mysqldmessageJingyi Zhou31 Mar
Complicated QuerymessagesMike Machado, Fred Lindberg, Christian Mack, Wayne Cease, ("Christian Mack")30 Mar
TCP_NODELAY improves select performance by 20messageJean-Francois Dockes30 Mar
LOAD DATA INFILE stdinmessageHerman Roberts30 Mar
HELP! Intallation problemmessagesBrazilian Toy Informatica Ltda, Sasha Pachev30 Mar
Big select filling file systemmessagesEric D. Patterson, Michael Widenius30 Mar
obtaining enum values using php3messageLuke30 Mar
Thanks mySQL (...Monty)messageJay J30 Mar
How do I generate DDL for MySQL databasemessagesEric Berg, Alistair MacDonald, Ed Carp, (Eric Berg)30 Mar
Start Slips with "50000"?messagesCharles Kirby, Christian Mack30 Mar
Database handle destroyed without explicit disconnectmessageJonathan A. Zdziarski30 Mar
x NOT IN (y) <=> x != ymessagesCorin Hartland-Swann, Michael Widenius, Martin B. Jespersen, Derick H Siddoway30 Mar
Error compiling 3.22.20 with egcs-1.1.2messageFredrik Axtelius30 Mar
Editing Command Line HistorymessagesRalph Alberti, David Mifsud, Christian Mack30 Mar
Linux Threads and socket optionsmessagesChris Wilson, Michael Widenius, Fred Read, Ed Carp30 Mar
OT: SQL questionmessagesQuinn Coldiron, jkraai30 Mar
Is there a MySQL for Dummies Book?messagesRichard Reina30 Mar
Problem with --host paramter to mysqlmessagesseth, Fred Lindberg30 Mar
Using unique, and using auto_incrementmessagesJohn Taylor, Andrey Alferov, Fred Read30 Mar
flush-tables stomps on data?messagesRon Brogden, Michael Widenius29 Mar
Unable to start the binary build version of mysqld.messagesroot, Michael Widenius, Dave Nelson29 Mar
Copying records from a table and re-inserting themmessagesMike Watson, Christian Mack29 Mar
SIGFPE coredump inserting maximum bigint valuemessagesAnton Krasovsky, Michael Widenius29 Mar
mysql - compiling mysql-3.22.20amessageMilimo Majele Munyati29 Mar
Too much connection but...messagesBAUMEISTER Alexandre, Michael Widenius29 Mar
OO DBsmessagesChristoph Kukulies, Michael Widenius29 Mar
Importing data...messagesDayv Gastonguay, Christopher R. Jones29 Mar
Can't find file: './yonks/dates.frm' (errno: 13)messagesJeremy Johnson, Ed Carp29 Mar
Help: Error 138messagesEd Carp, Roni Salfati, Brian S. Craigie, Michael Widenius29 Mar
RAM how-tomessagesMark Papadakis, Harry Brueckner29 Mar
Fw: Help: Error 138messageRoni Salfati29 Mar
Support for IP Range/Netmask? (fwd)messagesJ Yunke, Paul Schwarzl, Michael Widenius, Derick H Siddoway, Thimble Smith29 Mar
win32messagesRJones, ADIB MOTIWALA, Christian Mack29 Mar
error while loading UDFmessagesCurt W. Zirzow, Michael Widenius29 Mar
select largestmessageslorin, Stefan Paletta, jkraai, Steve Edberg29 Mar
Apache + PerlHandler chains + SSI + Embperl + DBI + MySQL = problemsmessagesindrek siitan, (Frank D. Cringle)29 Mar
Question about querymessagesJin Hui, Ed Carp, Michael Widenius29 Mar
MySQL and HPUXmessagesChris Trown, Michael Widenius29 Mar
x-appmessagesEgil Jørgensen, Mike Machado29 Mar
Sql QuerymessagesMike Machado, jkraai28 Mar
mySQL/ODBC/Microsft Access problemsmessagesSteve Procter, Ed Carp, Michael Widenius28 Mar
Linking to apache on Solaris 2.6messagesLuke Kelty, Michael Widenius28 Mar
Installing DBD::mysqlmessagesAmie Phung, Christopher R. Jones, David Mifsud28 Mar
mysql_refresh() ???messagesBarry, Michael Widenius, Basil Murphy, Christian Mack28 Mar
timezone helpmessageKevin Lewandowski28 Mar
Forking ProcessesmessagesJonathan A. Zdziarski, Michael Widenius28 Mar
SilencemessagesVan, Michael Widenius28 Mar
mod_perlmessageslorin, Hi Doc!28 Mar
Adding Users & Granting PriviledgesmessagesLDJ, Ed Carp28 Mar
Adding Users & Granting PriviledgesmessageLDJ28 Mar
Patches upgrademessagesHuman Wong, Michael Widenius28 Mar
Y2K-Compatibility of mySQLmessagesThorsten Weigl, Micheal Mc Evoy, Ed Carp, Paul DuBois28 Mar
SV: SV: Consider a notemessageMartin Edelius28 Mar
Adding Users & Granting PriviledgesmessageLDJ28 Mar
ADMIN: Why are some messages missing, etcmessageFred Lindberg27 Mar
Open Source Who's WhomessageMichael Ball27 Mar
Linking MySQL client under SCOmessage801) 250-O795 Work26 Mar
beginners MySQL & Perl questionmessageBill Koob26 Mar
SV: SV: Where is the mysqlimport utility?messageMartin Edelius26 Mar
Inverse of ... like "...%"messagesFred T. Krogh, Michael Widenius, Fred Read, Fred Lindberg26 Mar
Table corruptionmessageJay Miller26 Mar
OptimisationmessagesAdam Powell, Sasha Pachev26 Mar
problem with mysql hangingmessagesWayne Cease, Michael Widenius26 Mar
Compilation problemsmessagesroot, Michael Widenius26 Mar
Limiting the number of childrenmessagesChristopher Gray, Christian Mack, Michael Widenius26 Mar
linux/4gl/curses/screen builder working with mySQL??messagesAnthony Rumble, Ed Carp26 Mar
Successful installmessageChristopher R. Jones26 Mar
[Fwd: Re: <Holy War>]messageFred Read26 Mar
[Fwd: Re: <Holy War>]messageFred Read26 Mar
SV: Consider a notemessagesMartin Edelius, Sasha Pachev, Dr Eberhard W Lisse, Jay Miller26 Mar
<Holy War>messagesRobert Pruitt, Micheal Mc Evoy, Ken Kimball, Terrence W. Zellers, Bill Gerrard26 Mar
Control of the listmessageCristina Durana Chambre de Sá Moita26 Mar
MySQL and LDAPmessagesMichael Widenius, Ed Carp26 Mar
Mysql/Perl Question?messagesDouglas Brantz, Sasha Pachev, Micheal Mc Evoy, Alexander Keremidarski26 Mar
Strange index behaviour on double self joinmessagetony26 Mar
problems about compiling Mysqlmessageswangmei, Michael Widenius, msvd26 Mar
Consider a note21 messagesPaul DuBois, Tomislav Petrovic, Benjamin Grosman, Dr Eberhard W Lisse, Martin B. Jespersen, Roberto Rodríguez Fernández, Alex Heiphetz, Red Voyageur, jonathan michaels, Alexander Keremidarski, Martin B. Jespersen, Sasha Pachev, ADIB MOTIWALA, Michael Widenius26 Mar
problem about compiling mysqlmessagewangmei26 Mar
[Fwd: Tracking user access.]messagesBenjamin Scherrey, Christian Mack26 Mar
OT: SQL (Was Re: Extracting a given row using Perl API)messagesFred Read, Derick H Siddoway26 Mar
IndexingmessageEric Savage26 Mar
how can MySQL be restarted automatically on virtual serve?messages(Verle Harrison), Sasha Pachev, Michael Widenius26 Mar
Starting MySQLmessageDavid Bruha26 Mar
LinuxPPC MySQLmessageEric Knauel26 Mar
CANT FIND FILE AND MYSTERY ERRORmessagesAdministrator, Thimble Smith26 Mar
Can someone help with a multiple Join ?messageDave25 Mar
ESQL-C and UNIONsmessagesFred Butzen, Thimble Smith, hgz, Michael Widenius25 Mar
PC Version and Mac Version of MySQLmessagesJason Slack, Karl Pielorz, Nicholas Albright, tcobb25 Mar
getting perl module DBD::mysql working on SCOmessage801) 250-O795 Work25 Mar
mysqladmin shutdownmessagesDavid Johnson, Karl Pielorz, Michael Widenius, Vivek Khera, Ed Carp25 Mar
invoque a user defined program from MYSQLmessagesClaudia M. Castaneda, Vivek Khera, Christian Mack25 Mar
Problem with order bymessagesThomas Booms EDV, jkraai25 Mar
Install script doesn't copy all files.messages(Super-User), Michael Widenius25 Mar
mysql questions (fwd)messagesiham25 Mar
Making MySQL on HP-UX 10.01messageBrian S. Craigie25 Mar
Tweaking Mysql ?messageBAUMEISTER Alexandre25 Mar
broken pipe/can't connect/mysql problems...messagesdubick, Michael Widenius25 Mar
MYSQL for MacintoshmessageJason Slack25 Mar
mysql leaves a single process that hangs connectionsmessagesZach Beane, Michael Widenius25 Mar
ADLTADV: YOUR WEBSITE!messagesanal, Fred Lindberg25 Mar
why is sco build using "-belf" and what does it mean ?messagesJeffrey Dickens, Drew M Hahn, 801) 250-O795 Work25 Mar
Date query help?messagesJesse Brown, Christian Mack25 Mar
MyODBC and Alpha FivemessagesJose de Leon, Ed Carp25 Mar
Query performance with functionsmessagesCurt W. Zirzow, Michael Widenius, Eric Savage25 Mar
Extracting a given row using Perl APImessagesWilliam R. Mattil, Aldrian Gintingsuka, Vivek Khera, Chris, Derick H Siddoway25 Mar
errno: 2messagesdubick, Ed Carp25 Mar
Cobalt RaQ and MySQL Configuration problemsmessagesJonathan Gill, Martin B. Jespersen25 Mar
Viewing all data typesmessageJonathan A. Zdziarski25 Mar
Error in Accept - Try AgainmessagesJenny Lim, Michael Widenius25 Mar
Simple question about inserting an integer into a tinyintmessagestisnie waarhe25 Mar
This is a test - IgnoremessageIsabelle Poueriet25 Mar
Starting MySQL?messagesRichard Reina, Ed Carp24 Mar
DBI - basic questionmessagesAlbert, Colin McKinnon24 Mar
Managing Unix mySQL database from PC?messageEd Carp24 Mar
Managing Unix mySQL database from PC?messageRobert Wentworth24 Mar
BUG? Inserting a "Empty" recordset: CRASH! - Executable Testing Versionmessages(Brandon Shuey), Christian Mack24 Mar
BUG? Inserting a "Empty" recordset: CRASH!message(Brandon Shuey)24 Mar
need help on MySQL C APImessagesglen zhou, Ed Carp24 Mar
MySQL requiers a ANSI C compiler.. .and gcc 2.8.1 isn't ?messagesJeffrey Dickens, (Paul D. Smith)24 Mar
strage behavior ...messagesRoman D. Sinyuk, Michael Widenius24 Mar
SHMQL (SQL HTML Interface)messageJonathan A. Zdziarski24 Mar
SV: Where is the mysqlimport utility?messageMartin Edelius24 Mar
Load date into a table...messagesCristina Durana Chambre de Sá Moita, Thimble Smith24 Mar
Problems while pre-compilation configureingmessagesRobert Wirth, Michael Widenius24 Mar
Joins...messageEduardo Arino de la Rubia24 Mar
Where is the mysqlimport utility?messagesRoque Jacobo, Michael Widenius24 Mar
Isamchk on NTmessagesBarry, Christian Mack, Ed Carp, Michael Widenius24 Mar
symbols problem with FreeBSD (reposted with mysqlbug)messagesjgauthier, Michael Widenius24 Mar
MYSQL Security.messagesChar Choon Hwa, Micheal Mc Evoy24 Mar
Good beginners book for perlmessagesBill Koob, Micheal Mc Evoy, Isabelle Poueriet24 Mar
Fw: lockingmessageAdam Powell24 Mar
mySQL ODBC EmulatormessagesJonathan A. Zdziarski, Michael Widenius24 Mar
SQL/HTMLmessageJonathan A. Zdziarski24 Mar
Interactive UnixmessagesProgramma Computer Snc, Micheal Mc Evoy24 Mar
About mysql_real_connect on 3.22!messagegeorge24 Mar
Make sure tables are unlockedmessagesRoland Carlsson, Michael Widenius, Thimble Smith24 Mar
SELECT on a one to many relationshipmessagesCyril Godefroy, Christian Mack, jkraai24 Mar
LEFT JOIN tbl USING (pkey_a = 'constant' AND m_key = ref)messagesThimble Smith, Michael Widenius24 Mar
Inserting a "Empty" recordset: CRASH!messages(Brandon Shuey), Michael Widenius24 Mar
Are SubQueries supported?message(Brandon Shuey)24 Mar
Are SubQueries supported?messages(Brandon Shuey), Thimble Smith24 Mar
RAM and cachingmessagesmatthew mcglynn, Corin Hartland-Swann24 Mar
Duplicate Keys.messagesRobert D. Lang CEO, Christian Mack, Thimble Smith23 Mar
database backups10 messagesDavid Johnson, Vivek Khera, Ed Carp, Fraser MacKenzie, (Martin Koistinen), Peter Carter, Christian Stocker23 Mar
isamchk'ingmessagesBrandon Pulsipher, Michael Widenius23 Mar
Progress monitor and outer join sytaxmessagesFuad Abdallah, Michael Widenius23 Mar
64-bit Dates in MySQLmessagesVan, Antoine Reid, Michael Widenius23 Mar
getting DBD::mysql to work on SCO, againmessageJeffrey Dickens23 Mar
Group By vs. Order BymessagesBarry23 Mar
mysql on beosmessagejonathan michaels23 Mar
How far into month?messagestony, Christian Mack23 Mar
Empty MessagesmessageFred Read23 Mar
umlaute and "caseinsensitive" search.messagesChristian Stocker, Martin Ramsch23 Mar
Bug with placeholders & selectmessageKen Williams23 Mar
install / compile errorsmessageDan23 Mar
MEDIUMBLOBs vs. LONGBLOBsmessagesDavid Johnson, sinisa, Michael Widenius23 Mar
ORDER BY not orderingmessagesjoshg, sinisa23 Mar
mysql_install_db problemsmessagesJason Albert Wong, sinisa22 Mar
Can't drop tables!messagesDoug Sisk, Paul DuBois22 Mar
SV: Some speed test funmessageMartin Edelius22 Mar
What sources/url for Mysql/PHP3 with RedHat 5.2/ApachemessagesJohn, Greg Kelley, Ed Carp22 Mar
selecting the ENUM valuesmessagesChris Cochella, Thimble Smith, Daevid Vincent, Paul DuBois, Micheal Mc Evoy22 Mar
mysql 3.21.21a for Red Hat Linux 4.2messageWilliam R. Mattil22 Mar
small problem in sql/mysqld.ccmessageterry jones22 Mar
Some speed test funmessageDerick H Siddoway22 Mar
mySQL on HP-UX 10.20messagesGary Grubb, Chris Trown22 Mar
case sensitive and BLOBSmessagesefrazier, Fred Lindberg, tony, Paul DuBois22 Mar
MySQLd locks while creating simple tablemessagesKhimenko Victor, Michael Widenius, Khimenko Victor22 Mar
installation timemessagesJason Albert Wong, Levy Carneiro Jr.22 Mar
MySQL and Cold Fusion for LinuxmessageStephan Greene22 Mar
HOW TO USE THIS LISTmessageFred Lindberg22 Mar
tollmessageFred Lindberg22 Mar
tollmessageKrzysztof Jedon22 Mar
lockingmessagesAdam Powell, sinisa, Michael Widenius22 Mar
build problem: solaris 2.7 and egcs-2.91.60messagesUri Guttman, Michael Widenius22 Mar
SV: How to make a joint primary key of two or more fieldsmessageMartin Edelius22 Mar
How to make a joint primary key of two or more fieldsmessagesMartin B. Jespersen, Christian Mack22 Mar
user database questionmessagesMagnus Stenman, Ed Carp, Michael Widenius22 Mar
mysql server problemsmessagePat Murray22 Mar
Cannot uninstall MySQL-3_22_16a-gamma-1_i386.rpm (OT)messageMartin Edelius22 Mar
mysql: Apache logs to MySqlmessagePaul Schwarzl22 Mar
help!messages(cg), Fred Lindberg22 Mar
mySQL in the news ( again )messageMark Papadakis22 Mar
Cannot uninstall MySQL-3_22_16a-gamma-1_i386.rpmmessagesEd Bean, Thimble Smith, sinisa22 Mar
my.cnfmessagesDaniel, Thimble Smith22 Mar
mysqladmin undefined symbols (freebsd) (fwd)messagesjgauthier, sinisa22 Mar
Why the error here?messagesThomas R. Bedell, Thimble Smith, Derick H Siddoway, Sasha Pachev22 Mar
TimeStamp display SolvedmessageDouglas Brantz22 Mar
Can I install mySQL on my Virtual Server AccountmessagesLDJ, Thimble Smith21 Mar
problems with "make install" - Installing mysql in LinuxmessagesIsabelle Poueriet, Thimble Smith, Fred Lindberg21 Mar
Privilege on web and remote shell.messagesskims, Christian Mack21 Mar
3messageRalf Kirmis21 Mar
MySQL dyingmessagesBlaine Grady, Doug Salot21 Mar
Problems with MySQL Linux init.d startupmessagesKingsley Wright, sinisa, Kingsley Wright21 Mar
Compiler Trouble.messagesThomas R. Bedell, Fraser MacKenzie, Paul DuBois, sinisa21 Mar
* DEAD * mysqld, exhausting overall memorymessageMike Bretz21 Mar
Primary Key troublemessagesAndy Harrison, sinisa, Christian Mack21 Mar
design questionmessagesAyman Haidar, Fred Lindberg21 Mar
Generating Web PagesmessagesGlenn P. Smith, David Bruha21 Mar
how to optimizemessageskalle volkov, Ayman Haidar, Thimble Smith, Fred Lindberg, Michael Widenius21 Mar
database completely corruptedmessagesAdam Powell, Van, Michael Widenius21 Mar
performancemessagesAdam Powell, Fred Lindberg21 Mar
Performance comparison/benchmarksmessagesSasha Pachev, sinisa, Ed Carp21 Mar
Creating DB problemmessagesDouglas Brantz21 Mar
Problems with LONGTEXT/BSDI 4.0messagesLen Rose, sinisa, Michael Widenius, Vivek Khera21 Mar
How to link tables in different databasesmessagesJuan Riera, Ed Carp21 Mar
MySql - feature missing?messagesFaisal Nasim, Thimble Smith20 Mar
Help with query, plz10 messagesMichal Ludvig, Thimble Smith, Ed Carp, Martin Ramsch20 Mar
corruptions in a dbmessagesAdam Powell, Michael Widenius, sinisa20 Mar
MySQL & C API - SyntaxmessagesThomas R. Bedell, Paul DuBois20 Mar
Isn't there any other way ?messageDavid Bruha20 Mar
writing via web still doesn't work!messagesFaisal Nasim, Ed Carp20 Mar
How can I start and stop the Mysql server from a web page?messagesCrystal Haskins, Thimble Smith20 Mar
Any way to set the compile option on the fly?messageYoungjoo Song20 Mar
Length of Database name field inconsistentmessagesTauren Mills, Paul DuBois, Ed Carp, Michael Widenius20 Mar
SELECT distinct date from logmessagesNoah Silverman, Thimble Smith20 Mar
Perl/Mysql problemmessagesRobert H. Clugston, Thimble Smith, Pop Qvarnstrom20 Mar
[mysql] compile and ikage problem still :(messagesRaymanJ, Thimble Smith, sinisa20 Mar
Perl/Mysql problemsmessagesRobert H. Clugston, Daniel Koch, Faisal Nasim20 Mar
failed to install MySql perl modulesmessagesSly Golovanov, Michael Widenius19 Mar
[MySQL] link errormessagesRaymanJ, Paul DuBois, Thimble Smith, Wade Maxfield19 Mar
Installing mysql in LinuxmessagesIsabelle Poueriet, Micheal Mc Evoy19 Mar
MiniSqlmessagesScott Alexander, Jim Faucette, Derick H Siddoway, Christopher R. Jones19 Mar
adding variables to 'mysql' programmessagesThimble Smith, Michael Widenius19 Mar
SV: fastCPU vs moreRAMmessagesMartin Edelius, Derick H Siddoway, Kyle Cordes, Matthias Pigulla19 Mar
Compile ErrormessagesBob Kruger, sinisa19 Mar
Ultra High PerformancemessagesEric Savage, Fred Lindberg, sinisa19 Mar
Efficient multiword searching?messageChris19 Mar
SQL ProblemmessageDavid Bruha19 Mar
article about mysqlmessageWade Maxfield19 Mar
Why Mailing list?14 messagesFaisal Nasim, Fred Lindberg, Paul DuBois, Brad Stec, Graeme B. Davis, Greg Kelley, Isabelle Poueriet, Brian J. Ackermann, Christopher R. Jones, Niels Pollem, David Bruha, Frederik Lindberg, Tin Le19 Mar
bug in CURDATE()?messagesh.radners, Michael Widenius19 Mar
SV: delete returns incorect number of deleted rows.messagesMartin Edelius, James Nord19 Mar
--with-mit-threads on FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASEmessageIlya Obshadko19 Mar
delete returns incorect number of deleted rows.messagesnord, Thimble Smith, Ed Carp19 Mar
re-configure without restartmessagesRobin Bowes, sinisa19 Mar
Looking for scripts to use when creating/maintaining databasesmessagesmichel tisniewaarhe, Ehsan Babu, Kelly Setzer19 Mar
mysqld coredumps when joining with empty tablemessagemartin19 Mar
Experiences with mysql on Alpha LinuxmessagesJohn Banks, Michael Widenius, Anthony Rumble19 Mar
Fixed compile errors on solaris 2.6messageMartin B. Jespersen19 Mar
Flagship/mysqlmessagesBill Koob, Micheal Mc Evoy19 Mar
More compile errors on solaris 2.6 with mysql 3.22.20amessagesMartin B. Jespersen, Michael Widenius19 Mar
MySQL/PHP3 for newbies. Suggestions?messageMartin Edelius19 Mar
Writing to mysql as NOBODYmessagesFaisal Nasim, Ed Carp, Christian Mack19 Mar
Function keys and LinuxmessagesBo Brogård Lund, \"Terrence W. Zellers\", Colin McKinnon19 Mar
Writing to mysql as NOBODYmessagesFaisal Nasim, Don Read19 Mar
Error in Help messagesmessagesmsql, Thimble Smith19 Mar
Creation of Databases in perl?messagesJustin Plock, Mike Machado, (Brandon Shuey), Christopher R. Jones19 Mar
How to rielize such func.?messagesYao Feng, Christian Mack19 Mar
Changes to my web page.messageScott Schilling19 Mar
beginners resource and an introduction -- a bit long, sorrymessagejonathan michaels19 Mar
Transfer table structures among databases?messagesS. Whitmore, Ed Carp, Alistair MacDonald19 Mar
Could youexplain it?messagesJorge Renato Machin Ibarra, Michael Widenius19 Mar
Zeev: mod_auth_mysql thingmessagesDave, michel tisniewaarhe19 Mar
Cygwin/MySQLmessagesinisa19 Mar
mysql_install_db problemmessagesDan Burcaw, sinisa19 Mar
MySQL C API'smessagesRaymanJ, sinisa19 Mar
Can Mysql use JOIN in UPDATE statements?messages(Brandon Shuey), Thimble Smith19 Mar
fastCPU vs moreRAM11 messagesScott Moseman, Wade Maxfield, Sasha Pachev, Hironori Sato, Derick H Siddoway, Karl Pielorz, Adrian Phillips18 Mar
SQL Question??: Using Join in Updatemessages(Brandon Shuey), sinisa, Michael Widenius18 Mar
install / compile errorsmessagesDan, Alistair MacDonald, Michael Widenius18 Mar
max size of table cachemessagesBrett Error, sinisa18 Mar
Privileges, users and databasesmessagesLevy Carneiro Jr., sinisa, Paul DuBois18 Mar
Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2017 -- Error on make testmessageKevin P. O'Brien18 Mar
Scheduled queriesmessagesJuan Riera, Ed Carp18 Mar
ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server (2)messageskfarmer, Michael Widenius18 Mar
Text, TinyText vs Char, VarCharmessagesBarry, sinisa18 Mar
BOOL data typemessagesLevy Carneiro Jr., Thimble Smith18 Mar
MyC - A C wrapper for MySQLmessagesEd Carp, Matthias Pigulla, Wayne Lovely18 Mar
RPM error 3.22.20amessagesGreg Kelley, michel tisniewaarhe18 Mar
MySQL 3.22.20 installation and my.cnf problemsmessageJanos Koppany18 Mar
MYSQL TOPmessagesThe Urchin, Thomas Wana, Adam Powell18 Mar
Storing large files in the databasemessagesEd Carp, Fred Lindberg, Colin McKinnon18 Mar
compile error mysql 3.22.20a on solaris 2.6messagesMartin B. Jespersen, Michael Widenius18 Mar
Needing Python module for MySQLmessageMichael Longval18 Mar
pacl_isammessagesMark Papadakis, Vivek Khera18 Mar
mysql re: ö ÖmessagesPaul Schwarzl, Michael Widenius18 Mar
access denied for user: 'root@localhost']messagestisniewaarhe, Micheal Mc Evoy, Mark Keaney, michel tisniewaarhe, Michael Widenius18 Mar
inport in MySql from Access...messagesMyg International, Colin McKinnon18 Mar
Access <-> MyODBC <-> MySQL problemmessagesStruan Bartlett, Michael Widenius, Robert J Greene18 Mar
SV: Mysql-3_22_19b Install TroublemessagesMartin Edelius, Kevin P. O'Brien18 Mar
-O1 fix for Solaris still necessary for latest MySQL withegcs-1.1.2?messagesEric Maryniak, Michael Widenius18 Mar
Mysqldump - is there a way to re-create queries?messagesDavid Bruha, Ed Carp, Thomas Wana18 Mar
MySQL and Apache; compiling Apache with the auth_mysql modulemessagesJonathan, Patrik Forsberg18 Mar
Need help with insert user valuesmessagesRobert D. Lang CEO, Ed Carp, kalle volkov18 Mar
libmysql.dll and VisualBASICmessageDejan Lekiæ18 Mar
Function keys and LinuxmessageBo Brogård Lund18 Mar
INSERTING BLOB Fields in a TablemessagesJosep Curto, Michael Widenius, Christian Mack18 Mar
inserting photos into a columnmessagesL.A. Motion Pictures MIKE DICHIRICO, Christian Mack18 Mar
ODBC installation and usemessagesBill Koob, Christian Mack18 Mar
S90mysql Permission DeniedmessagesLDJ, Thimble Smith18 Mar
MySQL 3.22.20 relasedmessageMichael Widenius18 Mar
pack_isam and licensesmessagesdance, Michael Widenius, Ed Carp, Vivek Khera, Bill Koob18 Mar
Platform SupportmessagesDavid P. Muzzin, Vivek Khera18 Mar
Error with batch filesmessagesLevy Carneiro Jr., Paul DuBois17 Mar
Record sizemessagesEric Savage, Fred Lindberg17 Mar
Mysql-3_22_19b Install TroublemessagesKevin P. O'Brien, Christian Mack17 Mar
MySQL 3.22.19b locking on Solaris 2.6messagesPaul Schilling, Michael Widenius17 Mar
INSERT ignoring NULLsmessagesGreg Kelley, Christian Mack, Michael Widenius17 Mar
Numbers / Database / C-APImessagesFred T. Krogh, Michael Widenius17 Mar
[spam 10.00/10.00 -pobox]messageFred Lindberg17 Mar
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How to run on drive other than C on NTmessageTed Holmes17 Mar
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Lotus Domino, sinisa17 Mar
configuration questionmessagesMartin B. Jespersen, Christian Mack, Michael Widenius17 Mar
mini-linux distribution with my sqlmessagesalex, Ed Carp17 Mar
C-APImessagesHarry Brueckner, Michael Widenius17 Mar
Last Modification of Table/Database (fwd)messagesJ Yunke, Christian Mack17 Mar
SQL question, part 2messagesHarry Brueckner, Christian Stocker, Michael Widenius, Paul Wolstenholme17 Mar
explainable DISTINCT weirdness..messageJay17 Mar
question about time zone settingsmessagesRuslan Dmitrakovich, Paul DuBois17 Mar
libmysqlclient.a is brokenmessagesMike McLagan, Michael Widenius, Michael Hall17 Mar
[spam 03.86/10.00 -pobox] beeing informed of changes in rows in a table (real-time prices)messagesEd Carp, Simon J Mudd, Michael Widenius17 Mar
beeing informed of changes in rows in a table (real-time prices)messagesSimon J Mudd, Richard Lee-Morlang)17 Mar
List UnsubscribemessagesFavrie Vincent, Fred Lindberg, Claude Beaupré17 Mar
Formatting date as week # - is it possible on mySQL?messagesJuan Riera, Johan Engström17 Mar
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NT Installation: Forced to C Drivemessage(Brandon Shuey)17 Mar
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MySQL_auth_module for apachemessagesJiri Cuypers17 Mar
Thanks.messageJiri Cuypers17 Mar
[spam 03.38/10.00 -pobox] Re: MySQL_auth_module for apachemessagesEd Carp, Richard Antecki, Fred Lindberg, Jiri Cuypers17 Mar
[spam 03.32/10.00 -pobox] Mode setting on my_mkdirmessageEd Carp17 Mar
Mode setting on my_mkdirmessagesJeff Morrow, Michael Widenius17 Mar
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Compiling MySql 3.22.19b on SCO 5.0.4messagesGerald Clark, Michael Widenius16 Mar
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how do I get formatted output on command line?messagesWade Maxfield, Dan Nelson16 Mar
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How do I work around lack of UNION in MySQL?messagesskip, Thimble Smith, Michael Widenius, Brandon Pulsipher, Matthias Pigulla, Robin Bowes16 Mar
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No more "mysql" in subjects?messagesEric Savage, Fred Lindberg16 Mar
Decimal SystemmessagesJochen Haeberle, Michael Widenius, Christian Mack16 Mar
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[spam 03.12/10.00 -pobox] current row numbermessageEd Carp16 Mar
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connect to mySQL from a windows box, with koi8-r to win1251 conversionmessagesVictor Sudakov, Michael Widenius16 Mar
(newbie ?) listing unique entries in two columnsmessagesJerry Preeper, Christian Mack16 Mar
History and othermessagesStephen J. Cotton, Van, Ed Carp16 Mar
Info about retrieving in C api. Possible bug?messagesWade Maxfield, Paul DuBois16 Mar
Response time measurementmessagesHironori Sato, Michael Widenius16 Mar
Need to understand processmessagesBill Koob, Alistair MacDonald, Jose de Leon, Ed Carp, Michael Widenius, Paul DuBois, Derick H Siddoway16 Mar
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rollback revisitedmessageDerick H Siddoway16 Mar
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Using avg, min, max functions on a non-numeric field.messagesGraeme B. Davis, Colin McKinnon15 Mar
scaling over a few hundred million rows.messagesJim Crumpler, Michael Widenius15 Mar
MySQL speed.messagesMichael Widenius, Naveen Nalam15 Mar
Sql Query questionmessagesGraeme B. Davis, Michael Widenius15 Mar
The address is no longer validmessageFred Lindberg15 Mar
SV: Do something about the spam, or this list is useless :(messageMartin Edelius15 Mar
List problems/SPAM/new list namemessagesFred Lindberg, Micheal Mc Evoy15 Mar
Date substraction problemsmessageJonas B. Nielsen15 Mar
Info you requestedmessageUMahl7588215 Mar
Auto-IncrementmessagesTauren Mills, Oliver Artelt, Michael Widenius15 Mar
Caching..messagesMark Papadakis, Sasha Pachev, Colin McKinnon15 Mar
Do something about the spam, or this list is useless :(17 messagesMartin B. Jespersen, Karl Pielorz, Robert Hazeltine, Dennis, Fred Lindberg, Ed Carp, Jochen Haeberle, Micheal Mc Evoy, Thimble Smith15 Mar
Auto-IncrementmessageTauren Mills15 Mar
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Strengthen your marriage or relationshipmessageKZHCJH9815 Mar
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Err. 2008 and how to fight it :-)messagesAlex Heiphetz, sinisa15 Mar
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adv. Free Gas!!!! Free Long Distance!!!!messagesOpalnDale, P.E. Paul A. Franz14 Mar
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mysql v3.22.19b compilation problems under linuxmessagesStephen Costaras, Michael Hall, Michael Widenius14 Mar
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MySQL/2 3.22.19b now available...messageAntony T Curtis13 Mar
German that helps me on the phone?messagesThorsten Weigl, sinisa13 Mar
[spam 03.02/10.00 -pobox] Crypt Limitation?messageEd Carp13 Mar
[spam 03.34/10.00 -pobox] Moving MySQL from one Linux Box to anothermessageEd Carp13 Mar
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List-UnsubscribemessagePhilip Wilkinson13 Mar
help! Installed RPMS, can't get link. Not FLOOR Problem.messagesWade Maxfield, Ed Carp, sinisa13 Mar
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[spam 03.04/10.00 -pobox] order by multiple columnsmessageEd Carp13 Mar
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Navigation Through DBmessagesKevin P. O'Brien, Thimble Smith, Michael Widenius12 Mar
sql/ of 3.22.19b does not compile on Solaris 2.5.1messages(Andreas Borchert), Michael Widenius12 Mar
Access and MysqlmessagesRoberto, Christian Mack12 Mar
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stuck/locked queriesmessagesNaveen Nalam, Michael Widenius12 Mar
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Delete the first found record in SQL?messagesJann Linder, Thimble Smith12 Mar
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How large a database can mySQL handle?messagesJeff Schwartz, Van, Henrique Pantarotto, David Sklar, Brett Error, Michael Widenius11 Mar
Database Synchronization Methods?messages(John "Chris" Wren), Fred Lindberg, Chris, Christian Mack11 Mar
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