Threads for May 2012

Mysql starts to die at 27 SQL processesmessagesBaron Schwartz, J M, Andrés Tello, Rick James31 May
killing mysqldumpmessagesRoland Roland, Singer X.J. Wang31 May
Best practice to minimize DB server performance effect (large query)messagesReindl Harald, Roland RoLaNd31 May
sort ordermessagesCarlos Proal, Wes James, Rick James30 May
MySQL Community Server 5.5.25 has been releasedmessageJoerg Bruehe30 May
ANN: Only 2 days left, 70% discount on all products!messageMartijn Tonies30 May
Query help...messagesDon Wieland, hsv28 May
Query weirdness...messagesBaron Schwartz, Don Wieland25 May
ANN: Hopper for MySQL, first public beta available!messagesClaudio Nanni, Martijn Tonies25 May
category with parentid12 messagesHaidarPesebe, hsv, (Roberta Jaskólski), Andrés Tello, Peter Brawley, Tsubasa Tanaka25 May
Architectural HelpmessagesPrabhat Kumar, Ananda Kumar, Nigel Wood, Rick James, Anupam Karmarkar24 May
large temp files created by mysqlmessagesLuis Daniel Lucio Quiroz, Rick James24 May
[Puppet Users] Re: Announce: PuppetDB 0.9.0 (first release) is availablemessagesJan Steinman, Walter Heck23 May
Need help for performance tuning with Mysql 16 messagesPrabhat Kumar, Alex Schaft, Ananda Kumar, Andrew Moore, Johnny Withers, Rick James, Tsubasa Tanaka, Yu Watanabe23 May
Query assistance...messagesDon Wieland, Peter Brawley21 May
Reducing ibdata1 file size36 messagesAnanda Kumar, Baron Schwartz, Claudio Nanni, Reindl Harald, Jan Steinman, Kay [DAS] Rozeboom, Kishore Vaishnav, Manivannan S ., Rick James, Johan De Meersman21 May
[Warning] Aborted connection...... (Got timeout reading communication packets)messagesShafi AHMED, Suresh Kuna21 May
SQL query help. Retrieve all DVDs that have at least one scene of a certain encoding formatmessagesBaron Schwartz, Daevid Vincent, Mark Kelly19 May
create alias for columns bound to database?messagesD. Dante Lorenso, David Lerer, Rick James, Johan De Meersman18 May
ATT: List OWNER/MODERATORmessagesReindl Harald, Noel Butler18 May
Query help,,,messagesDon Wieland, Peter Brawley, Rick James17 May
Foreign key and uppercase / lowercase valuesmessagesAnanda Kumar, GF, Rick James, Shawn Green16 May
Seu imóvel precisa estar sempre em perfeitas condições na aparência, segurança e conforto?messageSena Engenharia16 May
Is there any performance difference, maintaining separate ibdatafiles for each and every table insted of having one singl tabale for all databases.messagePothanaboyina Trimurthy15 May
Performance questionmessagesReindl Harald, Nicolas Rannou14 May
ANN: 70% Ten Year Anniversary discount on all our products!messageMartijn Tonies14 May
MySQL 5.1.59 - slow_log purge problem.messageRafał Radecki14 May
Mysql is toying me... why sometimes an insert or update can be slow!?I getting bald cuz thismessagesAnanda Kumar, Andrés Tello, Steven Staples, Johan De Meersman12 May
MySQL slowlog - only in file?messagesCarsten Pedersen, David Lerer, Nilnandan Joshi, P.R.Karthik, Rafał Radecki11 May
drop partitionsmessagesRick James, Johan De Meersman, louis liu11 May
Deadlock due lockwait. How can I tell mysql to wait longer?16 messagesBaron Schwartz, Claudio Nanni, David Lerer, Andrés Tello, Rick James, Johan De Meersman11 May
New Fast MySQL Compatible Server (Take 2)10 messagesCharles Brown, Claudio Nanni, Giles Coochey, Reindl Harald, Hiromichi Watari, Shawn Green, Johan De Meersman10 May
How to quickly detect if there are any crashed tablesmessagesAdrian Fita, Mihail Manolov, Rick James, Steven Staples10 May
ANN: AnySQL Maestro 12.5 releasedmessageSQL Maestro Team10 May
ANN: Database Workbench 4.2.4 released, 70% discount!messageMartijn Tonies10 May
回复: Why is creating indexes faster after inserting massive data rows?messageClaudio Nanni9 May
One table gets locked by itself14 messagesabhishek jain, Claudio Nanni, Darryle Steplight, Darryle, nixofortune, Rick James, Shawn Green, Johan De Meersman8 May
MySQL Community Server 5.5.24 has been releasedmessageJoerg Bruehe8 May
MySQL Community Server 5.1.63 has been released10 messagesBaron Schwartz, Govinda, Reindl Harald, Rick James, Sunanda Menon, Johan De Meersman7 May
Why is creating indexes faster after inserting massive data rows?29 messagesKaren Abgarian, Alex Schaft, Ananda Kumar, Claudio Nanni, Mihamina Rakotomandimby, Rick James, Johan De Meersman, Zhangzhigang7 May
InnoDB and Memory AllocationmessagesCharles Cazabon, Johnny Withers4 May
Free webinar about MySQL problem diagnosismessagesBaron Schwartz, Claudio Nanni4 May
What will happen if we try to reconnect to the mysql server with thesame existings connection user name and passwordmessagesReindl Harald, Pothanaboyina Trimurthy4 May
mixing and matching mysql & mssql whileloop within an if case15 messagesAlex Schaft, Baron Schwartz, Charles Brown, Andrew Moore, Reindl Harald, Haluk Karamete, Rik Wasmus, Rick James, Johan De Meersman3 May
problems with INNODB tablesmessageRick James2 May
RFE: Allow to use version-specific my.cnf files20 messagesa.smith, Charles Brown, Claudio Nanni, Honza Horak, Nitin Mehta, Rick James, Singer X.J. Wang2 May
[ANN] ODB C++ ORM 2.0.0 released, adds support for C++11, polymorphismmessageBoris Kolpackov2 May
LISTADMIN: Precedence: bulk / Precedence: listmessagesReindl Harald, Johan De Meersman2 May
MySQL Crash when Open_files reach 128messagesReindl Harald, LinuxInfo, vishesh kumar, Rick James, Todd Lyons2 May