Threads for Apr 2012

cursor._last_executedmessageLarry Martell30 Apr
mySQL Query and Report BuildermessagesDon Wieland, Carsten Pedersen, Nuno Tavares30 Apr
update querymessagesPothanaboyina Trimurthy, Ananda Kumar, Zhangzhigang, Rick James30 Apr
user resource limits per query/sessions. How to view counter?messageJoseph Cabezas26 Apr
RFE: Allow to use version-specific my.cnf files15 messagesHonza Horak, Andrés Tello, Shawn Green, Charles Brown, Reindl Harald, Claudio Nanni, Michael Dykman, Rick James25 Apr
Postal code searching14 messagesTompkins Neil, Gary Smith, Lars Nilsson, Rick James, Neil Tompkins, Grant Allen, Mark Goodge, Andrew Moore, (Halász Sándor)24 Apr
problems with INNODB tablesmessagesMalka Cymbalista, Andrés Tello, Rick James23 Apr
A Simple Query HelpmessagesRafael Ribeiro, Igor Shevtsov22 Apr
Maser-Slave replication is playing up10 messagesnixofortune, Reindl Harald, shawn green20 Apr
Why does the limit use the early row lookup.11 messages张志刚, Reindl Harald, Rick James, Zhangzhigang, shawn green, Jan Steinman20 Apr
show master status; show binary logsmessages(Halász Sándor), Claudio Nanni18 Apr
Managing ODBC on Linux? What Happened to myodbc3i?messageEric Robinson17 Apr
mysql friendly datesmessagesHaluk Karamete, william drescher16 Apr
Revista VTD' Viaje - Abril, 2012messageRevista Turística Digital - VTD' Viaje15 Apr
Fw: Simple Query QuestionmessageAbhishek Choudhary14 Apr
Shared memory protocol can not be accessed in windowsmessagesSIVASUTHAN NADARAJAH, Claudio Nanni14 Apr
Simple Query QuestionmessagesWilly Mularto, Stefan Kuhn14 Apr
MySQL Community Server 5.5.23 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison13 Apr
FYI: how to prevent mysql from oom-killermessagesReindl Harald, Mihamina Rakotomandimby, Johnny Withers13 Apr
Keynote videos from Percona Live MySQL ConferencemessagesBaron Schwartz, Claudio Nanni, Suresh Kuna13 Apr
HT FeaturemessagesKaushal Shriyan, Johan De Meersman12 Apr
Instance tuningmessagesBruce Ferrell, Andrew Moore11 Apr
The most elegant/efficient way to pull this SQL querymessagesHaluk Karamete, Peter Brawley, (Halász Sándor)11 Apr
forcing mysql to use batched key access (BKA) optimization,forjoinsmessageØystein Grøvlen11 Apr
ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server throughsocket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)messagesGanesh Kumar,, Larry Martell, Prabhat Kumar, Claudio Nanni11 Apr
forcing mysql to use batched key access (BKA) optimization for joinsmessagesStephen Tu, (Halász Sándor), Rick James10 Apr
MySQL Community Server 5.6.5 has been releasedmessageJoerg Bruehe10 Apr
Licensing question about mysql_com.hmessagesJames Ots, Paul Vallee, Claudio Nanni10 Apr
Licensing question about mysql_com.hmessageJames Ots10 Apr
Commit commands with SELECTmessagesKay [DAS] Rozeboom, Karen Abgarian, Luis Motta Campos, Stephen Tu9 Apr
Out of office repliesmessagesNoel Butler, Claudio Nanni9 Apr
Remote mysql too slowmessagesJ. Bakshi, Reindl Harald, Johnny Withers, Noel Butler9 Apr
Licensing question about mysql_com.hmessagesJames Ots, Michael Dykman, Andrew Moore, Mike OK7 Apr
Innodb Table Gets Locked while DropmessagesAdarsh Sharma, Rick James6 Apr
Don't miss this year's MySQL ConferencemessageBaron Schwartz5 Apr
Error in starting MySQL service on LINUX messagesManivannan S ., Reindl Harald, Peter Boros, Prabhat Kumar5 Apr
Convert SQL Server Compact data to MySQL messagessam, (Halász Sándor)5 Apr
Questions about mysql-proxy...messagesWes Modes, Claudio Nanni, shawn green, Kristian Davies4 Apr
Argh. Packages.messageJohan De Meersman4 Apr
migrate existing data each additional productmessagesHaidarPesebe, Johan De Meersman, haidarpesebe4 Apr
create multiple tables in a single query13 messagesjoe j, (Halász Sándor), Johan De Meersman, Rick James, Jan Steinman3 Apr
JOIN giving duplicate recordsmessagesTompkins Neil, (Halász Sándor)3 Apr
MySQL Multi-Master ReplicationmessagesWes Modes, Rick James2 Apr
HA & Scalability w MySQL + SAN + VMWare: Architecture SuggestionWanted12 messagesWes Modes, Rick James, shawn green, Eric Bergen, Tim Dunphy, Ian, Johan De Meersman2 Apr
Percona: Contact Details - a word on poachingmessagesWes Modes, Johan De Meersman, Martin Gainty2 Apr
New Fast MySQL Compatible ServermessagesSinger X.J. Wang, Johan De Meersman, Daniel Brown2 Apr
ANN: SQL Maestro for MySQL 12.3 releasedmessageSQL Maestro Team2 Apr
List of global/session variables (@myvar)messageMartijn Tonies2 Apr