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From:Demirchyan Oganes-AOD098 Date:February 13 2002 4:51pm
Subject:Overwritten mysql tables
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Hello everyone, I have posted this message 2 days ago, but surprisingly no one responded.

I have these scripts that I load when I want to create new tables in the database.

I had DB1 full of data.
Then I created DB2 and forgot to change the database that I was working in, to DB2.

I loaded all .sql source files, and then.... I think you know what I'm getting to.  Every
table in DB1 got overwritten by new and empty tables.  How can I get my stuff back????  I
have all innodb_data and innodb_logs folders.  I'm sure I should be able to use those, but
don't know how.

Please help.

P.S. I'm using MySQL 3.23.46 w/InnoDB tables.

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Overwritten mysql tablesDemirchyan Oganes-AOD09813 Feb