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From:Brian P. Austin Date:February 13 2002 1:49pm
Subject:RE: Using password: _No_
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what command are you issuing.
is it mysql?  If so, what arguments are you sending it?
It should look like this....

mysql -u user -p
prompt: password

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From: Cliff [mailto:auji@stripped]
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Subject: Using password: _No_

Can anyone help?
When trying to run mysql I get an ERROR 1045: Access denied for user:
'root@localhost' (Using password: No).
In the documentation it mentions 'Using password: YES'.  Have tried
starting mysql with --skip-grant-tables and then mysqladmin
flush-privileges which doesn't seem to do anything.
What does the "Password No" mean?  How do I correct it short of
reinstallation?   Well, I don't know maybe I need to start over yet

Thanks very much for any help,

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