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From:Jonathan Hilgeman Date:February 12 2002 4:39pm
Subject:RE: MySQL .so missing - help!
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Well, first of all, if you're just starting out with all this and don't have
any critical data, I recommend you dump your PHP and MySQL installations and
install the latest, stable releases of everything: PHP 4.1.1 and MySQL
3.23.48 - there are a lot of bugs fixed and functionality added in these

Now, there are two parts to a MySQL installation - server and client. The
server is the portion you normally regard as being just MySQL - it creates
and manipulates the databases, etc... The client is just a set of libraries
and methods that you or a program can use to connect to the MySQL server
portion. PHP uses the library called, which gets installed
when you install the MySQL client portion. 

On my FreeBSD server, those libraries get put in /usr/local/lib, but they
really can go anywhere, as long as PHP knows where to find it. You also have
to be careful with versions - if PHP is compiled using an old version of, and then you upgrade MySQL, PHP might start dying
mysteriously until you re-compile PHP. So I recommend:

1) Uninstall both
2) Install latest MySQL
3) Install latest PHP

You should not have to "enable" the extension in your php.ini file - that
section, I believe, is reserved for Windows users. PHP automatically uses
the extensions it gets compiled with. 

- Jonathan

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I am new to MySQL and PHP, so - please be gentle..

We are running PHP4.0.1 and mysql 9.38 (Distrib 3.22.32) on our development 
server (Debian Linux). I am trying to setup a database with mysql and PHP. 
I tried to install phpMyAdmin 2.2.3 and can't access the index page. I get 
an error about the mysql extension:

   cannot load MySQL extension,
   please check PHP Configuration

MySQL is there, I can get to it and create databases etc but it won't talk 
to php.

In php.ini, there is no reference to under Dynamic Extensions.

Further, I can't locate the file or *anywhere* on the 
server. I used the locate command to try find it.

I didn't set up apache, php and mysql and am a little nervous about making 
changes - any suggestions?




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