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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 11 1999 6:34pm
Subject:Re: PHP
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At 20:25, 19990811, Frans Haarman wrote:
>Ok I installed php3 and mySQL (RPM)
>But how do I give php3 access to mysql databases ???

I haven't used PHP, but I imagine you do:

mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON your_db.* TO web_user
    -> IDENTIFIED BY 'P4s$w0Rd';

Then, in your PHP connect statement, use 'web_user' as the
user name, and 'P4s$w0Rd' as the password.

Please note that the above GRANT command gives web_user from
ANY host access to your_db.  If you want to specify that it
must be web_user connecting from 'localhost', or anything else,
you'll need to modify the GRANT command.  The MySQL manual has
a very good description of GRANT, with lots of examples to get
you going.

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