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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 7 2002 2:15am
Subject:Re: Load_File issue
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At 4:22 +0800 2/7/02, yue cheng wrote:
>Now I am puzzled by the filepath,Load_file, I install
>MySQL in Windows98, the file which i want to insert to
>table is c:\P1.bmp
>when I run load_file in mysql command line,it succeeds
>mysql> insert into blobtable (load_file("/P1.bmp"))
>but i don't know why i should use slash instead of
>backslash on windows.
>if i use the absolute path load_file("c:\P1.bmp"), the
>blob field in table is NULL

Try doubling the backslash.  MySQL interprets as an escape
character in strings, so it's necessary to double it to
specify a literal backslash.

>I also run insert into blobtable
>(load_file("/P1.bmp"))in mysqlgui,it also insert null
>to table.
>i run this query in my Visual basic, same problem.

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