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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 12 1999 12:17pm
Subject:Re: How large a database can mySQL handle?
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>>>>> "Van" == Van  <vanboers@stripped> writes:

Van> Jeff Schwartz wrote:
>> We've have a mySQL/PHP calendar application with a relatively small
>> number of users. But that number is expected to grow to 1MM in the near
>> future.
>> Can mySQL handle traffic at that level?
>> Is there anybody out there using it on that scale?
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff
>> --

Van> Jeff,
Van> I did an inventory on my ISP's service (over a dedicated 56K) for the past
Van> 8 months by parsing my message logs into a mysql database.  Then it was
Van> version 3.21.18.  The resultant table became 2.5 Million records and about
Van> 200 Meg.  On a PII MMX 233 it sifted through it in about 60 seconds per
Van> query.  I don't know if that gives you any indication.  I think what
Van> you're looking at is a pretty powerful machine, or you could also do some
Van> custom clustering to put it together.  I think it's doable at about 100K
Van> users on a single cpu machine, but at the numbers you're talking be
Van> prepared to put some $$ into the machine.
Van> Regards,
Van> Van


What kind of queries did you do that took 60 seconds?  Even with a
millions of records a single query one a key will only involve a
couple of disk seeks and should be very fast (even on a 386 20 MZH
with 8M memory!)

The point is that everything depends on the queries your are going to
do and how many queries will be running at the same time.

Try to modify one of the benchmarks in the MySQL benchmark suite to
simulate your site and then you can easily decide what kind of machine
you need.

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