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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 11 1999 4:19am
Subject:Re: question about update
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On Tue, 1999-08-10 12:28:13 -0700, billy@stripped wrote:
> The client table is updated every so often by a client changing
> their subscriptions or information. This update seems to take a long
> time.
> I want to determine which factors impact the speed of the update the
> most.
> Is it the: number of columns  = 31
>            size of the table ~= 60k
>            updating a text type field

On Tue, 1999-08-10 17:01:17 -0700, billy@stripped wrote:
> user = varchar(32)   PRI
> email = varchar(64)  MUL
> last_activity = date MUL
> last_login = date    MUL
> subscribed = text 

Most probably you could gain some speed by changing all string fields
into column type CHAR (resulting in fixed length records), if that's
possible.  Example:
  user       CHAR(32)
  email      CHAR(64)
  subscribed CHAR(255)

> When the client is updateing their info, the table is write locked
> and the selects to access the articles are queued behind it.  I need
> to increase the speed of the update.

Maybe UPDATE LOW_PRIORITY is an option for you?  This won't block
other selects but delay the update itself.

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