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From:Kyle Hayes Date:February 5 2002 9:34pm
Subject:Re: deleting var="0.1"
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On Tuesday 05 February 2002 13:03, Matthias Hoffmann wrote:
> dear all.
> I have a problem using mysql(occured at using phpMyAdmin):
> i send the query:
> DELETE FROM test WHERE user = "test" AND timestamp = "2002-02-05
> 21:42:53" AND var1="1000.1" LIMIT 1
> and 0 effect.
> but when var1 has a (INT) value there's no problem:
> DELETE FROM test WHERE user = "test" AND timestamp = "2002-02-05
> 21:42:53" AND var1="1000" LIMIT 1
> might there be a problem using such values?
> has this error already occurded? I just joined this list....

There was just a thread on this topic.  See the archives for the
thread with the title "Problem with where clause" on the 1st of 

At the bottom of each e-mail on the list is a set of useful URLs
to things like the archives.


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