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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 10 1999 6:20pm
Subject:Re: DELETE with a twist
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At 18:56, 19990810, Markus Schraudolph wrote:
>Now i´ve found a statement that brings up all those double-entries,
>using an auto-join. It looks like
>SELECT t2.kid, t2.tid FROM tip2key t1, tip2key t2
>WHERE t2.tid = t1.tid AND ((t1.kid=9) AND (t2.kid=11))
>But now I´ve just got a result set and as I read in the docs
>there is no way in MySQL to use this as an input for a DELETE.

Once sub-selects are implemented, you can
    DELETE FROM tip2key WHERE tid IN (SELECT ...)

In the mean time, you can join all of the IDs you want to delete
into a comma-separated string (using PHP), and then
    DELETE FROM tip2key WHERE tid IN ($list_of_ids)

DELETE with a twistMarkus Schraudolph10 Aug
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