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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 10 1999 6:14pm
Subject:Re: MySQL and server load?
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At 18:47, 19990810, Andrey Kotrekhov wrote:
>On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Mark Bean wrote:
>> I'm worried that I will be giving the server too much work and will be
>> noticeably slowing down my site.  With a about 30 different pages and
>> a product selection of 200 items will I see much of a delay?  At what
>> point should I be concerned with sever delays?
>Hello, Mark!
>I think, it is good idea create indexes and  keys in your database.
>This increase perfomance so hight and load of your server will be down :)
>see EXPLAIN sintax in documentation.
>It help you create indexes and keys as you need.

The problem is, Mark, that we don't know anything about what queries
you're running, what machine/OS you're using, etc.  And, even if we
did, it's hard for us to say what the performance will be like because
we don't have any reference data.

There are many sites that serve all of their pages via PHP and MySQL.
Some of them are slow, some of them are not.  Some sites are slow
because whoever set up the database didn't design their tables well,
or didn't use indexes.  Sometimes it's because their PHP scripts are
really shoddy, or they're using clumsy queries.  Sometimes it's because
they're using 32-bit gifs and annoying java applets, or they've got
HTML tables that have hundreds of rows, and the browser has to wait
for all of the information before it can print anything out.

Making a "fast" site is certainly possible using PHP + MySQL.  It is
equally possible to make a slow site using straight HTML.  I would
recommend that you take care in each part of site design to watch out
for things that will make your site slow.  If you do that, then the
PHP + MySQL combination should not pose any problem.


P.S.  Find a way to do it without frames.
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