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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 10 1999 3:58pm
Subject:Reply-To (was: Order By Problem)
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On Di, 1999-08-10 17:43:12 +0200, Magnus Hammar wrote:
> Why does all the reply-to addresses go to the person who sent the mail and
> not to the list?

There are good reasons for not doing it ...

> Can anyone change this?

... and therefore I'd appreciate the listmaster NOT changing the

- Using the normal reply function of my mail software always should
  do the same: writing a reply to the author of the mail I'm replying
  to -- regardless it being a list mail or a "normal" one.

- At least my mailing software "Mutt" has a "list reply" function,
  which automatically chooses the list address (for known mailing
  lists).  I use that for public replies, and do a normal reply
  for private ones.
  Unfortunately I know, that not too many mailing programs do have
  such a useful "list reply" function, but in my eyes this is the
  way to go.

> I have sent severeal mails to the wrong address and to a person who
> probably don't want my mail :)

- This is no good argument, because in the normal case somebody
  who's written a mail to the MySQL mailing list also is reading
  the list.  So this person would have gotten your mail both ways.
  Your argument could rather be, that you thought you're replying
  to the public, but didn't, and so afterwards had to repeat some
  work to get out the public mail finally.

- Setting "Reply-To:" to the mailing list is more harmful than not
  doing it (though both methods will make somebody unhappy), because
  it's more dangerous to writte to the public by accident, then have
  something keep private by accident (think of flames ... :-).

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