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From:Jeremy Zawodny Date:February 1 2002 5:13am
Subject:Re: Bandwidth Throttling?
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On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 05:31:02PM -0500, Gary Huntress wrote:

> As you can see from my signature, I run  Over the past
> year I have had great success and grew in a manageable fasion.
> Believe it or not, I've been hosting this site on a cable modem.  Up
> until recently, bandwidth really hasn't been a problem.  However, in
> the past month or so, probably due to Cox/@home/comcast
> reconfigurations, my upload speeds have been terrible.  Ping times
> to any public site are on the order of seconds (2000 to 4500
> milliseconds ) and as you know this generally causes a network to be
> unusable.


> For the short term, the solution that I have arrived at is to
> throttle the bandwidth on the mysql port.  I typically max out at
> 50KBps upload, and I need about 15KBps for my own personal use
> (maybe a bit less).  I run my servers NATed behind a redhat firewall
> running ipchains, I believe I can do the throttling without
> upgrading to netfilter (remember, this is short term!)

Hmm.  Seems reasonable.

> My question is this.  Database server network usage is very
> asymmetric, incoming queries are small, outbound datasets are
> probably considerably larger.

Very true.

> Given that I will now be further limiting outbound flow without
> really impacting the arrival rate of queries, can/does mysql manage
> this?

MySQL can only use the available bandwidth, so the net result is that
queries will stay "active" longer because it'll take MySQL longer to
send the results over the network.  MySQL won't care one way or the
other, but eventually it's going to become unbearable for your users,
I'd suspect.

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