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From:Eric Mayers Date:February 1 2002 3:10am
Subject:Starting MySQL (w/ InnoDB) for the firs time
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Hi Everyone, 

I'm using MySQL with 5 2gb InnoDB data files in a system that an end
user will install.  My problem is that the first time InnoDB starts up
after installation it takes a long time for it to build its data files.

The delay is annoying (any ways to make this faster?) but acceptable,
but the problem is that during system startup I start the server
backgrounded, sleep a few seconds and start a daemon that relies on the
database being ready.  When its starting the first time the server isn't
there to connect to and the daemon flops.  So finally getting to my

How can I tell when the database is ready to go (preferably from a shell

And an unrelated question, is there a guide to setting up a minimal
MySQL installation?

Eric Mayers
Software Engineer
Captus Networks
Starting MySQL (w/ InnoDB) for the firs timeEric Mayers1 Feb
  • Re: Starting MySQL (w/ InnoDB) for the firs timeDan Nelson1 Feb