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From:Ed Carp Date:January 31 2002 9:34am
Subject:RE: Re[2]: Help with hanging MySQL server
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> >> Yes, take the right-compiled MySQL binary distribution from
> >>
> EC> I rebuild MySQL 3.23.36 with debug on, then ran "mysqld
> --debug".  Here's the output of the trace, if it will help.  Looks
> EC> like MySQL gets to the listen(), but hangs up in threads
> before it does an accept():
> Thank you for your confidence.
> We do not provide MySQL consulting or support in private mailings.
> Please put your requests and state your problems in public MySQL list
> mysql@stripped. We will answer then.

I did - I had copied you privately because you had addressed the issue
originally.  The message you received was also copied to the list, but I
haven't seen any response.  Bill MacAllister also has the exact same
problem, and has about reached the point where he's going to reinstall Linux
in an attempt to resolve the issue.

At this point, I'm going to drop a few debug statements in to see
if I can pin down the exact place where mysqld goes out to lunch, and I'll
keep you and the list posted.  If it appears that it's hanging in the thread
libraries, I will reinstall the thread libraries.  If that doesn't resolve
the issue, I'm going to be forced to reinstall the OS.

It seems that MySQL --debug mode should provide a little more information,
but I suppose that's wishful thinking :)  It's a very irritating problem,
because we've got all our corporate database stuff on MySQL on this
particular server... <sigh>
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