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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 31 2002 3:20am
Subject:Re: Batch load of data - got it!
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At 21:57 -0500 1/30/02, edesousa@stripped wrote:
>I found out why my LOAD DATA INFILE did not work.
>The editor I was using translated the tabs I entered to spaces. 
>That's why my load data infile didn't work!
>I used the following command to load the data successfully:
>load data infile "test.dat" replace into table persons fields 
>terminated by ' ' terminated by '\r\n';
>The fields terminated argument in the load command is actually a 
>single space - I changed my file to have
>one single space between the ID-number and the Name instead of a 
>tab. I have to specify that the lines are
>terminated by '\r\n' since I'm running under Windows. The default is 
>'\n'. I'm not familiar with Windows -
>didn't know that the tabs I was entering would be translated.
>Finally got it after trial and error. I wish there were more 
>examples and detail in the manual on this

Well ...

I sympathize with the problem that you've encountered, but it's not
LOAD DATA that is at fault here.  Another program mangled your file
without telling you.

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