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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 31 2002 1:48am
Subject:Re: Several unix sockets?
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At 1:05 +0000 1/31/02, Julián Muñoz Domínguez wrote:
>I ask this here because it seems this topic is not covered in any faq (or
>I don't find it):
>Is it possible to have mysql listening in 2 unix sockets (diferent path)
>at the same time ?
>I use postfix, and the socket should be in a specific directory inside
>/var/spool/postfix, but at the same time I have more applications needing
>to connect to the traditional /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock (debian)
>What I have done is create a hard link at the booting (after mysqld
>started, and before postfix).
>But, is it bad to access to the unix socket via a hard link ?
>Or is it indiferente ? (because it is a hard link) ?? (Sorry, this
>question is maybe off-topic!!)

Try using a symlink rather than a hard link.  Then you won't have
to recreate it all the time.

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