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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 30 2002 4:10pm
Subject:Re: Largest datatype
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At 10:07 +0530 1/30/02, Charitha wrote:
>I am not getting the requirement fulfilled from that manual page.

That page gets you to the places in the manual that describe the
storage size requirements for each of MySQL's data types.  That
tells you which of them are large enough to hold 10kb-sized or
larger values.

The manual is pretty explicit about the storage sizes, so it's not
clear what we could tell you that isn't already there.  (I'm assuming
you've read the parts of the the BLOB and TEXT column type families.)

When you say you want "some other data type", do you mean you want to
use a data type that's not listed in the manual?  If not, what do you

>I want some other data type as one of the field and with that i have to check
>the replication in two servers.
>that data type should have large size about 10kb.
>Is there any data type like that.
>Please let me know and its usage also.
>Actually i want to check the performance of replication.
>On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Paul DuBois wrote:
>>  At 9:48 +0530 1/30/02, Charitha wrote:
>>  >Hi all,
>>  >
>>  >I want to know data type which will have a size greater than or equal to
>>  >10kb in mysql.  Just anybody response to this mail and let me know.
>>  You can check this for yourself in the MySQL manual:
>>  More than one type fits the bill, so you'll need to decide for yourself
>>  which you prefer.
>>  >
>  > >Thank u.

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